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Eastern Ontario ARES Report

Today’s posting comes to us courtesy of Mike Hickey VE3IPC who is the DEC (District Emergency Coordinator) for the Seaway/Capital Districts of Ontario ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)


Subject: New Eastern Ontario ARES promo video clip – for ARES, Officials, & the public.
Hello fellow ARES Group EC,

I trust you had a great holiday and I hope you will have a healthy and prosperous New Year.

The Eastern Ontario [Seaway/Capital] ARES District is pleased to announce and present our new ARES Promo Video production that is now posted on our ARES District website (still under construction) for anyone to view on line and or download the WMV 36 meg 7.5 minutes short video clip.

TVCogeco News in Renfrew Ontario in May 2010 did a news video piece on the ARES training course that was being given by the Eastern Ontario ARES District leadership while conducting an ‘in school’ ARES ‘on air’ exercise of the training that the two Renfrew County ARES groups (RCE & RCW-ARES) received.

With special permission and co-operation from the TVCogego and TVCogeco News for Renfrew/Pembroke Ontario we were able to access their raw footage and create a post-production ARES promo video.  We thank TVCogeco for the use of their raw footage and facilities that allowed us to create this new ARES Promo video.  We also wish thank their regular volunteer at TVCogeco Renfrew, Nathan MacIsaac – VA3NCM, for providing us his technical expertise and operating the editing equipment in making this video production.  We also wish thank TVCogeco News Renfrew Camera Engineer Jeremy Charboneau who created the original news piece, for creating the introduction part of the video and all the credit info we requested to end the video with.

We also wish to thank our volunteer Webmaster Dave Gabrieled in Ottawa for creating our website and for posting the video for all to see.

This video is intended to be used as part of the ARES presentation to any local municipal government’s emergency management officials and NGO leadership like that of the local Red Cross as an educational tool explaining – what is ARES, what they do and why.

To view and or download the ARES promo video visit, < > and choose < VIDEO > then select < ARES Promo Video >.  Please send your comments to < >

By all means please do share this info with each of your group members for their viewing.

Mike Hickey – VE3IPC
DEC for Eastern Ontario ARES
Jan 04 – 2011

Mike has been working on behalf of ARES in Eastern Ontario first as the EC (Emergency Coordinator) for Prescott Russell and now as the DEC for Eastern Ontario.
If you have any questions or comments on ARES in Eastern Ontario please feel free to contact Mike at
If you have any questions or comments on Field Services in Canada please contact the Vice President Field Services at

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

North East Ontario Regional Directors Report January 2011

North East Ontario Regional Directors Report January 2011

The monthly meeting of the Regional Directors was held on December 16 starting at 2330Z.

The first thing I want to do is to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope 2011 is a good one for you.

Now that all the details have been finalised I can tell you about a new feature coming in February. 

At the Directors meeting in October we decided to begin an e-newsletter, called “The RAC Report”.

It will come out in the months between TCA.  So you should see the first one in February. To ensure you receive it you may want to check your email on the membership page.  Follow this link, log in with your membership number and password and verify your email:

While you’re updating your information at RAC, you may want to verify your address with Industry Canada as well.

Since there is no Southern Ontario Director at present this report is being sent to the Southern Ontario AD’s.  If you want to be part of the RAC team as a Director please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what the job entails.

One of the themes Stephen, VE3LWX and I will be discussing this year is charitable giving to RAC.  I got interested in electronics at 16 because my uncle (VE3DPJ, SK) let me use his rig.  That lead me to a career in electronics and finally now I am teaching others electronics and occasionally teach radio classes here.  Amateur Radio has defined who I am and determined my career path.  If Amateur Radio has had an impact on your life or career why not consider giving back to the hobby you love?  A donation to RAC will allow us to carry on mentoring new younger hams and protecting our valuable frequencies.  Give it a thought and if you want to discuss it further let either Stephen or myself know.

If you have a business or know some one who may want to advertise on the RAC web site contact the webmaster and he will work with you to set it up.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Bill VE3XT

North East Ontario Regional Director

Radio Amateurs of Canada

Upcoming Amateur Event- 2011 RAC AGM

Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs


Hamfest NL 2011


The Radio Amateurs of Canada 2011 AGM

The Executive and members of SONRA are pleased to host these special events and encourage Hams from everywhere to join us on July 30th and 31st in historic St. John’s Newfoundland.

The events will be held at the RCAF Club in Pleasantville and at the headquarters of Fire and Emergency Services Newfoundland and Labrador, our sponsor for the events. Highlights include:

* Youth perspective presentation

* Digital technologies presentation

* Video – “Igor- the storm of the century”

* Complementary Saturday lunch

* Saturday evening banquet

* Complementary Sunday brunch

* RAC 2011 Annual General Meeting and Q&A

* Old fashion bluegrass jam session following banquet

* Whale watching tour

* Opportunity to operate from Historic Signal Hill

Stay tuned for more information about this event by visiting and

For more information contact Paul Burggraaf VO1PRB at or Doug Mercer VO1DTM at


Posted on behalf of VO1DTM by VA3QV

When the system works… it works well!

Happy Monday,

Hope that your houshold is starting to return to normal after the Christmas/New Years festivities…

Before I go on with today’s topic I just want to jog your memory a bit so if you could go to this posting and then come back of course and then we can go on with the posting…

The parts I am hoping you remembered were:

To make it easier for me to keep track of things…  If you could send me your comments, questions and complaints  via email ( then I can read them over and forward them to the RAC Individual best suited to answer your question or look at your comment or complaint.

Rest assured I send your feedback up the line fairly quickly and will keep bugging (inquiring) the person I sent to for his response till I get one…

Now back to our blog post…

On the evening of January 1st I was a bit bored and sitting in the shack decided to check the mailbox.  I found two questions from Ontario Amateurs about some RAC activities and figured why not start on them now.  The rationale on this was that seeing its a Holiday the response time might be a bit slower so lets get the ball moving.

The first question was about the upcoming RAC AGM from a ham in Northern Ontario who was looking at planning his holidays so he could attend the AGM which will be in Newfoundland this year.  Although I knew the AGM would be in VO1 I was not sure if the dates had been confirmed so the question went from Northern Ontario to Ottawa to Winnipeg to Newfoundland back to Winnipeg then back to Ottawa where I was able to answer the question early on the morning of Jan 2nd.

In this day and age of emails the time frame is not anything to brag about but the fact that we could get everyone together to answer the question in less than 24 hours if just fantastic…

The 2nd example.  I received a question from an Ontario Ham about the RAC Insurance Deal.  I quickly sent this question up the line to Ian VE9IM who acknowledged the email quickly and set about sending a reply directly to the amateur who had the qustions.  (I got a cc of the reply so I know it was done ) and once again all this was done in less than 24 hours…

So now we know the system works…  your questions or complaints and even suggestions will be heard by the Directors and the Executive (as long as they don’t block my emails at least) in a prompt manner.  I don’t think we will be this fast every time…


But if we can do it quickly on New Years Day then I think our chances of it happening fairly promptly most days are good…  Not great but good.  We have to remember that everyone (even me) is doing the best they can with the time they can offer our hobby…  We are all volunteers and some days time is a precious commodity…

Just as a reminder you can also find us on Twitter if you follow@RACTWEETS and there is also the RAC Facebook Page as well…

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

Happy New Year from the RAC Social Media Dept

Well gang…

We made it through another year…

On behalf of the RAC Social Media Department…. Thats our Facebook division, the RACTWEETS group, and of course the RAC Blog….

Please accept my wishes for a very…



Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

Important News concerning the RAC Club Insurance Program

The following arrived in my inbox from RAC 1st VP Ian VE9IM and he asked me to share this with you…

Important News concerning the RAC Club Insurance program

  • Youth, student and honourary members of are now exempt

from Insurance Surcharge fees.

RAC has a major goal of encouraging and supporting youth and student participation in Amateur Radio to the highest degree possible. To further this goal and as a result of feedback from Clubs across the country, the RAC Insurance team has responded and been able to implement a major cost saving for RAC Club Insurance. Youth, student and Honourary members of a RAC Affiliated Club that is participating in the RAC Club Insurance program are now exempt from the $11 non RAC surcharge for Club Insurance coverage. Hopefully this will help in furthering our goal of increased support for youth and students. Additionally, amateurs who have been designated (as of Dec 31, 2010) as Honourary Club members for their long term work and service to a Club are also now exempt from the surcharge for Club Insurance coverage. By exempting youth, these changes should also help with Club family memberships.

Therefore :

  • For Club Liability insurance purposes only, Affiliated Club honourary (as of Dec 31, 2010), youth (under 18) and student (under 25 yrs) members are exempt from the $11 surcharge for non RAC members.
  • All Club members, that is all regular, associate, family membership persons, life, honourary etc have to be to be included in the club total membership count for the insurer and for the $1/yr per member insurance fee.

Clubs have been contacted concerniing these changes by seperate email. If your Club has not received this email please contact

Thank you and Happy New Year,

The RAC Insurance Team


Thanks to the RAC Insurance Team for putting this information package together for us over the Christmas Holidays…

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

CQ Maritime ARES Groups CQ

With the recent really bad weather that hit the Eastern Seaboard and the Maritimes recently I am wondering if any of the ARES or SATERN Groups in the Maritime Provinces assisted in the relief efforts.

If your group participated in any relief efforts please send me an email ( so we can get your assistance documented.

We need all the data we can muster for our attempts to gain a better exemption in the Driving while distracted Bill in New Brunswick.

If you group did not get activated but you participated in the relief efforts as an individual the same request applies.

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

Some upcoming events

Now that the Christmas Rush is over and you are resting up for New Years I thought I would mention a few upcoming Amateur Radio Events to think about.

The First event which starts at 0000hrs (UTC) on Jan 1st 2011 is the ARRL Straight Key Night.If you click on the ARRL Logo (above) you will end up at the ARRL Website where you can read up on the where, what and wherefores of the event but basically its a CW Contest where the participants use the Straight Key rather than paddles, keyers, computers etc.

Although I (with my lousy CW Skills) will not be participating in this event I do recommend that you at least give a listen ( I will be) and if you have the necessary skills or think you do try making a few contacts…  I find it interesting that now that CW is not a requirement that the mode is actually gaining in popularity especially with the QRP Portable types as now everyone who is operating CW actually wants to operate CW…

If your not into CW HF but into CW and SSB VHF Work why not give the ARRL Jan VHF Sweepstakes a try.

Click on the above logo to go to the ARRL Contest site for more info.

Date and Contest Period: The date will be announced annually by the ARRL but will generally be the third or fourth weekend in January. Begins 1900 UTC Saturday, ends 0359 UTC Monday (January 22-24, 2011).

With all the various HF rigs that now offer 2m, 6m and 70cm as well (Such as the TS 2000, FT897, IC 7000 just to name a few) most of you have no excuse to at least listen to the contest and give out a few contacts to those who are actively contesting.

Also remember that they do call 6m the magic band for a reason and if there is any sort of opening you can have a blast operating just with the output of your radio and a simple dipole antenna.  But you can’t make any contacts if your not on the air…

I will be there for this one using a simple 1/4w rotatable dipole for 6m with my FT 847 with the rigs 100w and hope at least to get a couple of grid sq

Last but not least The SPAR Winter Field Day event is at the end of the month…

From their website:

The 2011 Winter Field Day will be held from 1700 UCT (12:00 noon EST) Saturday January 29, 2011 through 1700 UCT (12:00 noon EST) Sunday January 30, 2011. The object of the event is familiar to most Amateur Radio operators: set up emergency-style communications and make as many contacts as possible during the 24 hour period. The rules encourage as many contacts on as many bands and modes as possible, because during a real emergency, the most important factor is the ability to communicate, regardless of band, mode or distance.

If you click on their logo (above) you will be taken to the SPAR Website for more information.

I have participated in this event in the past and am looking forward to doing it again this year.  The plan is to set up in a park close to home and operate QRP/P from the great outdoors till I freeze up or I go through one battery pack with the FT817.  Either way I figure that I am good for about 3 hours or so …  Noon till 3 pm or 4pm would be a fun way to spend an afternoon giving out contacts and getting some fresh air at the same time.

So there you have it…  Three events to start off the New Year with…  Hope to hear you at least in one event…

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

Christmas Greetings from the RAC Social Media Guy

On behalf of the various authors of the RAC Blog, RACTWEETS and the RAC Facebook Group I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas along with my wishes for a Very Happy New Year.

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

The Party is over…

Well now that the contest is over and I got a bit of sleep…  How much fun did you have and how good or bad did you do???

Why not drop over to our RAC Facebook Group site and leave us a comment on the Wall there .  Lets make that the soapbox for this event…

Now for this event I was the guest of the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club as one of the Operators of VE3JW.  The VE3JW station is located at the Canada Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa and is sponsored by the OVMRC


One of the really great things about having the chance to operate at a better station than I have at home is the fact that I hear so much more…  An 40m/80m trapped dipole that is not folded over the tree a couple of times and a tower with a 7 element triband beam… I was in heaven for this event…

A Flex 3000, a TS 2000 and a TS850 were all at my disposal…  I felt like a kid in a Candy store…

Now lots of other groups were out there for the contest and first off a big thank you to the RAC stations who agreed to cause a pile up for the event.  I think we got most of them in the log…

But I do know as we did not make any contacts in VY0, VE8 and VY1 there were at least 3 that we missed…  We heard stations in the North but unfortunately we were unable to make ourselves heard.

So if you have the time why not drop over to the FACEBOOK RAC Site and make let us know what you thought and how you did…

A fellow blogger AA1J made mention of us in a post on his blog and I thought I would share the link with you.

On a personal side of things this week will be a busy one in the VA3QV household as we finish our preps for the big day on the 25th.  I might be a little slow posting here and on the FACEBOOK accounts this week, but as my smartphone does do Twitter this is a good reason to remind you to follow  RACTWEETS on twitter.

It goes without saying that if there is any NEWS that you need to hear it will be posted immediately here, on RACTWEETS, on FACEBOOK and of course on the RAC Bulletin and on the RAC Website.

We are giving you the means to stay informed and all you have to do is pick how you want to be informed…

See you before the “Big Day”

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob