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RAC at Hamfests

Before I start on today’s posting….

If your group is doing anything radio related why not let us know?  It could make a great item on the RAC Blog…

Todays content comes to us courtesy of Vern VE2QQ who also looks after the RAC Bulletins and also posts them here on the RAC Blog…

Vern had visited the Smiths Falls and Sorel Hamfests and sent me a couple of pictures of our RAC Executive and Directors out working the crowds…

Left to right VE3LC, VE4BAW, VE3JI and VE3XT

at Smiths Falls

Above- VE2VE at the Sorel Hamfest

In addition I am hoping that some of the crew who attended Dayton took some pics of the RAC Team in action and would like to share them… If they share them with me then I’ll share them with you…



Bulletin de RAC 2011-007F – Élection du directeur de Ontario sud

Bulletin de RAC 2011-007F – Élection du directeur de Ontario sud

16 mars 2011

Élection du directeur de Ontario sud:

Deux candidatures ont été reçues pour ce poste. Suite à l’examen de la
documentation soumise et tenant compte des exigences constitutionnelles et du processus d’élection, le Comité a établi que les documents de nomination étaient complets et en ordre pour M. Jeffrey Stewart, VA3WXM, et M. Nelson D.H. Jenking , VA3NDJ.

Le Comité a recommandé un scrutin par la poste, conformément à
l’article 6 (méthode d’élection) de la constitution, pour le directeur de la région sud de l’Ontario pour l’achèvement du terme 2010-2011. Les bulletins de vote seront postés aux codes postaux concernés par le bureau de RAC dans un proche futur.

Paul Burggraaf VO1PRB
Secrétaire corporatif de RAC

(Traduction par Serge Langlois, VE2AWR)

RAC Bulletin 2011-007E – Ontario South Director’s Election

RAC Bulletin 2011-007E – Ontario South Director’s Election

March 16, 2011

Ontario South Director’s Election:

Two nominations were received for this position. Following a review of the documentation submitted and taking into account
the constitutional and election process requirements the Committee determined that the nomination papers were complete and in order for Mr. Jeffrey Stewart, VA3WXM, and Mr. Nelson D.H. Jenking , VA3NDJ.

The Committee recommended a Ballot by Mail pursuant to Article
6 (Method of Election) in the Constitution, for Director,
Ontario South Region for the completion of the 2010-2011
term. Ballots will be mailed to the applicable postal codes
from the RAC Office in the near future.

Paul Burggraaf VO1PRB
RAC Corporate Secretary

Taking a break for a bit…

Just a quick note to let you (the readers) know that I will be taking a short break for a couple of months to re-charge my batteries.  You will still hear me on the air but not so much in the realm of Social Media.  I am handing the keys to the RAC Blog and RACTWEETS back to the executive for safekeeping while I’m gone.  The accounts should remain active in my absence…

CU in a couple of months


73bob VA3QV

New National Affiliated Club Coordinator Appointed; Robert Critch VE3QTH joins RAC Team

In my afternoon email comes this announcement from the RAC President VE4BAW Geoff:

Robert Critch VE3QTH joins RAC Team as the New National Affiliated Club Coordinator

For those of you who are not familur with Robert here is a short bio:

BIO: VE3QTH Robert Critch
Born in Montreal Quebec 1961 and lived there as a young boy. Then moved to St. Jean, Que. Years later moved to Nova Scotia for awhile before trekking to the Island of Newfoundland.
 As many young Newfoundlanders do, he moved and settled in Toronto. But the attraction of Barrie Ontario soon called out to him. So he packed up the family and radio gear to land in the beautiful south-end of Barrie Ontario Canada, that he now calls home.
Robert has had a long and outstanding carrier in Voice and Data Communications Technology. He has worked for both large and small organizations over the years and has run several business. His current accomplishments include being the current President of Barrie Amateur Radio Club Inc.(BARC), and being owner & President of a small Telecommunications company. He is active on VHF, UHF, and HF on several Phone and Digital modes. 
He is also very active in CANWARN, ARES, and BARC activities & Club events. He holds a Basic + license.
Robert will be joining the RAC team, taking over as RAC’s National Affiliated Club Coordinator.
“ We live in a time of huge accomplishments in Science and Technology and Radio Amateurs have been at the forefront of so many of the advances. Amateur Radio is at it’s best, when we work together. It is my personal goal to help bring local clubs together under RAC on a national scale, to share in their knowledge, ability and passion for Amateur Radio.”
Thanks to Geoff for sharing this with us and a really big thanks to Robert for joining our team.  A bit more info on this will be out in the next issue of TCA and will also be the subject of a RAC Bulletin in the near future…
Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob


News from the Loyalist ARES Group

On the past weekend the Loyalist ARES Group provided much needed communications support for the Eldorado Dog Sled Race. From reading their blog posting( click on the ARES Logo on the left) it looks like they used one 2m repeater and also had about 12 hardy souls come out and operate in the very cold weather Ontario has this past weekend.


To those who came out to participate….  Well Done

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

VE8 Amateurs assist NASA

Now if you remember a couple of days ago on the RACTWEETS Twitter account I posted the following:

RACTWEETS RAC HQ NanoSail-D Ejects: NASA Seeks Amateur Radio Operators’ Aid to Listen for Beacon Signal via @NASA21 Jan

RACTWEETS RAC HQ Urgent– help find ‘lost’ solar sail via radio: via @addthis21 Jan  

RACTWEETS RAC HQ Stubborn nano-satellite finally pops out – This Just In – Blogs via @cnn21

Well as it turns out Amateur Radio came through and the “Bird” was heard by some VE8′s…

Thanks to AMSAT Twitter account we get the following:

AMSAT AMSAT VE8EV/VE8NE team confirms @NanoSailD sail deployment Great work!

So for the complete story I recommend you head over to the VE8EV Amateur Radio Blog.

In passing I’ll mention that John was one of the station operator for VE8RAC recently during the RAC Canada Winter Contest and he also is an avid DXer and Contester who has given many rare IOTA numbers out during his DXPeditions and also given a bunch of not so avid DXers the rare VE8 Prefix for their logs (me included in this one).

Well done (again) John

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob


RAC will be at Dayton 2011

In this mornings EMAIL was the following from Geoff:

The Radio Amateurs of Canada has been absent for too long from the Dayton Hamfest. In 2011 groups ranging from ARRL, JRRL, DARC, IARU were present and profiling their organizations.

In 2011 RAC intends to join them. RAC is currently arranging for a booth at this world class hamfest.

The RAC is an amateur lead and run organization and is looking for volunteers to help run the booth at the hamfest. We are also looking for a Team Leader to pull RAC’s contribution together.

If you are interested in profiling your counties national organization to an international audiemce please call our office at 1 877 273 8304 and register your interest.

Ah yes and we will pay the admittance of helpful volunteers.
Geoff Bawden  VE4BAW
President and Chair RAC

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

VE7CVA Field Day 2010

Today’s movie comes to us from our friends in VE7Land who posted an exceptional You Tube Video on Field Day 2010.  Their comments were as follows:
“Here is a video we made at the Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society’s (VE7CVA/VE7RVC) Field Day in 2010. We were set up at a local community hall and had twenty operators present.”

Good Production Technique in the Video and also Nice Toys in the video itself

Thanks to Gabor Horvath, VE7DXG for bringing this to my attention

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

Submarine Museums and Radio Rooms

The following was forwarded to me as an email by VE4BAW.  I added a few pictures off the internet to dress things up a bit but the text is courtesy of Donald Courcy,  VE2CW.

As you will see from reading through his article he has a great deal of love for our submarine fleet and he wears the dolphins proudly…


HMCS OJIBWA is a cold war Canadian Oberon Class submarine which
was in  service in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1965 to 1998. The
submarine has  been acquired by the Elgin Military Museum of St. Thomas,
Ontario and  will soon be towed from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Port Burwell, Ontario  where it will be preserved and operated as a submarine museum.

Plans are being prepared to restore the radio room onboard the
submarine as an active ham radio club station, operating under
call sign VA3ZFQ,  in memory of OJIBWA’s former international call sign CZFQ.

I am a former submariner who served onboard submarines HMCS
OJIBWA, HMCS  ONONDAGA and HMCS OKANAGAN during the cold war. I have agreed to  sponsor call sign VA3ZFQ until a local ham radio operator in the  Port Burwell  area, with an advanced radio certificate, comes forward to take  over as  the sponsor.

Call sign VA3ZFQ has just been assigned to HMCS OJIBWA Submarine
MuseumAmateur Radio Club (HOSMARC). To view the VA3ZFQ info at, CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF THE SUB (ABOVE)

Once the submarine has been towed from Halifax and installed at Port
Burwell, the restoration of the radio room will begin.
Volunteers will  be needed to assist in the project. We will also be looking for old  naval radio equipment. Details about the radio room restoration
will be  posted in the coming months on the:

VA3ZFQ page at

For more information about The Ojibwa Project in Port Burwell,
Ontario, click on the Museum Logo (above)

If you are interested in helping out during the restoration of
the radio  room onboard OJIBWA, and/or in joining the HMCS OJIBWA Submarine  MuseumAmateur Radio Club (HOSMARC), send an email to

You might recall that I was involved in a similar endeavour 3
years ago  in Rimouski, Quebec, where OJIBWA’s sister submarine HMCS
ONONDAGA was  installed as a submarine museum. The radio room onboard ONONDAGA  is now  on the air as a ham radio club station and operating under call sign  VA2GNQ in memory of ONONDAGA’s former international call sign  CGNQ. The  station is operated by members of the St-Lawrence Amateur Radio  Club found at

For more information about HMCS ONONDAGA’s ham radio club
station, please click the sub (above)

For more information about HMCS ONONDAGA’s Submarine Museum in Rimouski,Quebec,click the sub (below)

Donald Courcy,  VE2CW
Sous-marinier Partenaire: Musée du sous-marin ONONDAGA -
Rimouski, QC
Member # S72-0007 – Ships Company – HMCS OJIBWA Submarine Museum
- Port Burwell, ON
Sponsor for VA3ZFQ – HMCS OJIBWA Submarine Museum Amateur Radio Club (HOSMARC) – Port Burwell, ON

Member: Submariners Association of Canada
Member # 0732 – North American QRP CW Club
Member # 15344 – FISTS (The International Morse Preservation Society)
Member: Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
Membre: Radio Amateur du Québec (RAQI)
Member: Submarine Veteran Amateur Radio Club (SVARA)
Member: Club Radio Amateur Rive-Sud de Montréal
Webmaster and Radio History Keeper:
Personal Website:


So thanks again to Donald for sharing this information with us and many many thanks for doing all this work to get the Subs Radio Rooms back on the air.

Donald also advises that the story (in much more detail) will be coming out in a TCA Article in the future.

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob