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Four Days In May

That’s the name that the QRPers (5 watts or less folks) give to their annual convention that runs in parallel with the Dayton Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio from May 14 to 17 this year.

Trying to work the guy across town is tough but imagine trying to work around the world on just five watts. These amateurs do it all the time.

Here’s the link to the activity schedule for FDIM:

Contest U

It’s not too late to get educated!

Contest University is taking place on Thursday, May 14, 200DSCF22799 from 7am to 5pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dayton, Ohio.

Part of the world famous Dayton Hamfest (any hamfest, convention and fleamarket that can see 20,000 plus attendees has got to be world famous) Contest University features a full-day of instruction into the esoteric arts of ham-radio contesting.

Here’s a list of this year’s presenters:


2009 CTU Professors are:

  • Mark Beckwith, N5OT
  • Dave Leeson, W6NL
  • Dick Norton, N6AA
  • Randy Thompson, K5ZD
  • Ward Silver, NØAX
  • DSCF2266

  • Doug Grant, K1DG
  • Jim Stahl, K8MR
  • Frank Donovan, W3LPL
  • Ed Muns, WØYK
  • Mark Haynes, MØDXR
  • Rob Sherwood, NCØB

If you’ve been on for any time at all on any contest you’ve likely run into one or all of these guys. To put it into ham-radio jargon, these are the “Big Boys”. Their experience ranges from huge multi-multi contesting stations to QRP (5 watts or less) micro efforts. Funny thing is it doesn’t matter, it seems, whether these guys are operating at five watts or two kilowatts, they always post amazing scores. Contest University is the place to find out how they do it and how to post better scores yourself.

The photos (from VE3HG) are from top to bottom: Inside the multi-building complex, commercial exhibitors show off their most recent products; the contest and DX forums can see overflow crowds; and this is the crowd waiting the gates to open on Saturday morning.





World Radio Day – Saturday, April 18, 2009

The theme for this year’s World Radio Day is Your Resource in Disaster and Emergency Communications. The theme was picked by the International Amateur Radio Union’s administrative council and highlights almost 100 years of amateur radio service to local communities around the world.

For more information have a look at the IARU web site page on emergency communications:

Welcome to D-Star in southern Ontario

The Toronto FM Communications Society has done it again. Pioneers in the building and maintaining of an extensive network of FM repeaters in southern Ontario, the Society recently announced the introduction of D-Star technology on the Toronto UHF repeater on 443.225+.

Here’s a link to more information at the Toronto FM Society’s website:

To learn more about the powers of D-Star check out the Icom website at or go to the wiki at

Membership in the Toronto FM Society is a mere $25 per individual or $35 per family and they now accept payment on line via PayPal …and yes I sent in my membership for both myself (VE3HG) and my wife Marion (VE3HEN).

The Toronto FM Communications Society has repeaters on every band from 10 meters through to 1.2 GHz and with the exception of the D-Star system (which they are working on) members can link them all together providing unheard of communications range and flexibility.

(This information gratefully received via Mike VA3MW.)