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SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-311.01
ANS Special Bulletin – AubieSat-1 Designated AO-71

SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-311.01

ANS Special Bulletin – AubieSat-1 Designated AO-71


AMSAT News Service Bulletin 311.01


November 7, 2011


BID: $ANS-311.01

OSCAR Number Administrator, Bill Tynan, W3XO reports that he has advised J. M. Wersinger, PhD, KI4YAU, Professor Emeritus and Director of Auburn University's Student Space Program, that following the successful NASA ELaNa III launch on October 28, 2011 of AubieSat-1, and by the request of the AubieSat-1 team, the new satellite has been assigned an OSCAR number.

Professor Wersinger documented that telemetry has been received from the satellite. The IARU-Sat Website states that AubieSat-1 was fully coordinated with the IARU.

Bill wrote, "Therefore, by the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I hereby designate AubieSat-1 as AubieSat Oscar 71 or AO-71 and welcome this newest OSCAR into the Amateur Radio satellite community. On behalf of AMSAT-NA and the world's amateur radio satellite community, I congratulate Professor Wersinger, Auburn University and all of those responsible for building, testing and launching this new CubeSat. May its mission meet with success".

[ANS thanks OSCAR Number Administrator, Bill Tynan, W3XO for the above information]



Via the ANS mailing list courtesy of AMSAT-NA

VE8 Amateurs assist NASA

Now if you remember a couple of days ago on the RACTWEETS Twitter account I posted the following:

RACTWEETS RAC HQ NanoSail-D Ejects: NASA Seeks Amateur Radio Operators’ Aid to Listen for Beacon Signal via @NASA21 Jan

RACTWEETS RAC HQ Urgent– help find ‘lost’ solar sail via radio: via @addthis21 Jan  

RACTWEETS RAC HQ Stubborn nano-satellite finally pops out – This Just In – Blogs via @cnn21

Well as it turns out Amateur Radio came through and the “Bird” was heard by some VE8′s…

Thanks to AMSAT Twitter account we get the following:

AMSAT AMSAT VE8EV/VE8NE team confirms @NanoSailD sail deployment Great work!

So for the complete story I recommend you head over to the VE8EV Amateur Radio Blog.

In passing I’ll mention that John was one of the station operator for VE8RAC recently during the RAC Canada Winter Contest and he also is an avid DXer and Contester who has given many rare IOTA numbers out during his DXPeditions and also given a bunch of not so avid DXers the rare VE8 Prefix for their logs (me included in this one).

Well done (again) John

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob