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Moonbounce on MSNBC

A great article featuring amateur radio and moonbounce operations last weekend is up on the Internet. The activity was to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landings.

Field Day in Space


According to the ARRL, there is a possibility that astronauts aboard the International Space Station may have time work Field Day from space this weekend!. Listen for call signs RS0ISS, NA1ISS or OR4ISS. They will be transmitting a report of !A ISS. If the astronauts are active, they will likely use their crossband repeater (437.80 up and 145.80 down, no CTCSS). This is a first for Field Day activity and takes the concept of working under simulated emergency conditions to a whole new high.

Field Day at Times Square


You know the excitement around Field Day is growing when you see an ARRL message of an electronic billboard on Times Square in NYC.

Yes Field Day made the big time with this announcement that flashed on one of the big screens in one of the most the famous places in the world.

Field Day is coming this weekend and it’s a test of North American hams to operate under simulated emergency conditions. Thousands of hams from hundreds of clubs take to the fields to work for 24 hours straight under less than ideal conditions.

RAC Presidents writes Ontario Minister Bradley

Supporting the ongoing email campaign by Ontario amateur radio operators in regards to Ontario’s Bill 118, RAC President Bob Cooke has sent a strongly worded letter directly to Transport Minister Jim Bradley.

In the letter, Cooke makes reference to previous correspondence and clearly restates the contribution that amateur radio has made to the citizens and communities of Ontario.

With the passing of exemptions for the use of amateur radio in Manitoba’s Bill 5, Ontario hams should continue to help educate their local members of the Ontario Legislature about the benefits of amateur radio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support your use of your amateur radio equipment.

RAC members at CITEL Ottawa meeting

RAC Bulletin 2009-021E – 2009-06-15

From June 2nd to 5th, a meeting of The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) PCC.II meeting was held in Ottawa.

Over 100 delegates from countries of the Americas gathered for a meeting preparatory to the next World Radio Conference that is to be held in Geneva late in 2011. Almost every item on the WRC Agenda were discussed with a goal to find common ground that would be supported by the CITEL countries.

Amateurs were represented by Daniel Lamoureux, VE2KA, and Dario Jurado, HP1DJ for the IARU Region 2. Jon Siverling, WB3ERA was on the USA delegation and Ken Pulfer, VE3PU, Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN and Jim Dean, VE3IQ were on the Canadian delegation.

Some subjects of interest to Amateur Radio were discussed.

On BPL, a drafting group was formed, headed by Canada and tasked to present BPL standards for adoption at the next PCC.II meeting in November at Washington, USA. Canada and the USA presented Preliminary Views on Agenda Item 1.23.

A common paper was produced and adopted by the plenary that most probably will be the basis of a joint Region 2 proposal at an upcoming meeting.

Field Day Locator

Thanks to the ARRL anyone interested in attending Field Day,  the most popular event in the ham radio operating year, need only go to Google Maps to find a Field Day site in their province or U.S. state.

Here’s the link to Field Day sites:

Ham radio: Live in NYC

According to ARRL media and pr manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP, the Field Day logo and the caption “Field Day: Over 35,000 radio “hams” active June 27-28” will be flashing from the Reuters billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

If you’re in Times Square and see the message Allen would love a photo sent to

Winnipeg ARES headline news

The amateur radio working group that helped secure an exemption for amateur radio operation in moving vehicles (Bill 5) has done it again. This time they made the Winnipeg Free Press (read the article here) with a first class article that highlights the great work being done by the Winnipeg ARES group during the Manitoba Marathon.

The article goes on to promote the Winnipeg ARES group and offers information about how to become a ham.

This is great publicity for amateur radio and the Winnipeg hams should be justly proud.

Toronto Star says 2-way radio exempt!

Yesterday’s (Saturday, June 13) Toronto Star quotes Ontario transportation ministry spokesperson Bob Nichols as saying:
“Citizens’ Band (CB) radios are hard-wired into the vehicle and thus fall outside the intended schop of new legislation that bans wireless, hand-held electronic devices.”

The Toronto Star articles goes on to say: “That said drivers can still be charged with careless driving if they aren’t paying attention behind the wheel and place other road users at risk as a result of suing a CB radio or engaging in any other behaviour that distracts them from the driving task.”

RAC will be following up with Mr. Nichols tomorrow (Monday) to confirm this statement to the Toronto Star.

This would appear to be very good news however it doesn’t address the use of handhelds by drivers in moving vehicles. RAC will seek clarification on this issue as well.


Radio Amateurs of Canada’s Midwest Regional Director Derek Hay, VE4HAY, along with committee members VE4BAW and VE4MBQ, have won an exemption (in the form of a last minute amendment) that specifically excludes all two-way radio use from a Bill designed to amend the Highway Traffic Act in Manitoba.

Bill 5 will prohibit drivers in Manitoba from using cell phones or similar electronic communications devices and in its original form could have interpreted to have included amateur radio mobile devices.

The exemption reads that the Bill does not apply to a radio apparatus that is operated under the authority of a radio operator certificate issued under the Radiocommunications Act. And, while amateur radio isn’t specifically stated, the exemption uses citizen’s band or family radio as an example.

RAC will be forwarding the Manitoba information directly to staff at Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation and a letter to Minister Bradley will also be drafted.

Ontario hams should continue to offer their personal comments to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s comment website.

As Yogi Berra said: “It ain’t over until it’s over.”