Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Top 10 websites of 2009

Here’s a list of the top 10 websites according to the ARRL (which coincidentally came up as number one). The trend towards a merging of online and on air communications is growing and websites like these should be on everyone’s must visit list. Here are the top 10 sites.

B.C. hams expected to get exemption

It appears that amateur radio operation in moving vehicles in the province of British Columbia will be exempted from proposed distracted driving legislation expected to be introduced soon. Amateurs in B.C. contacted local MLA’s and lobbied agencies and other government organizations helped by ham radio to speak on behalf of the benefits of the amateur radio service. Significant support for amateur radio came from Emergency Management BC, PEP, and many other organizations that are supported by amateur radio.

Bill Gipps, VE7XS, director, BC & YK, Radio Amateurs of Canada credits the BC hams professionalism and dedication to the hobby as a key component in winning this exemption.

Ham Radio Headlines

Thanks to an email from ARRL media and public relations manager Allenn Pitts, W1AGP and ARRL news editor S. Khrystyne Keane, K1SFA comes a list of ham radio news highlights from the last couple of months.

Topping the list is this issue of the LINUX Journal which has devoted its entire issue to ham radio calling it the original “open-source” project.

BTW just in case someone says that amateur radio isn’t relevant to people’s lives these days direct them to this link celebrating George Smith, AA2EJ who won the Nobel Prize in physics for 2009. Shows you what tinkering with a radio can do for your career.

100 years of tradition

Coincidental to the post below that features images of bugs comes word from the ARRL that The Vibroplex Company is being sold by current owner Felton “Mitch” Mitchell, W4OA to Scott Robbins, W4PA. The turnover will happen at the end of the year and Scott says he’ll be relocating the company to Knoxville, Tennessee. For more information on the sale here’s a link to the ARRL news bulletin.