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Thunder Bay Ham Club Gets Great Ink

The members of the Northwestern Ontario Senior Citizens Amateur Radio Club were featured in a terrific article in The Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal newspaper. The December 3 article talks about the rejuvenation of the club and fun being had by the ham radio operators. Three of the members Ken Rusnak, Robert Hansen and Doug McCormack were featured in accompanying photographs. Well done guys.

More US hams in 2009

That’s right! According to the ARRL, 2009 was “a banner year” for new Amateur Radio licensees. Seems the FCC issued more than 30,000 new ham radio licenses last year. The high demand for licenses in 2010 is expected to continue into 2010.

Webinars for hams

Webinars, online lectures, have come to amateur radio. This thanks to the ARRL Contest newsletter:

The Potomac Valley Radio Club announces another pair of its popular Webinar series: Jan 14 at 8 PM EST - K3LR on Contest University and Jan 20 at 10 PM EST - K9LA on 160 Meter Propagation. The hyperlinks will take you to the registration page for each free event.

BTW if you’re looking for an easy way to get into CW contesting this weekend is the North American QSO Party. Starting at 1800Z on Saturday and ending 12 hours later (of which operators can operate for only 10 hours out of the 12) this somewhat easy going CW contest is one of the more civilized contests where the objective is to work as many North American stations as possible. Everybody who can radiate a signal into a dipole is welcome. CW speeds rarely exceed 22 wpm and most contesters will come back to you at your speed. The exchange is your state/province and name. BTW there are no rules against using somebody else’s name. A few years back a famous and much respected contester died just before the NAQP and strangely, to those of us not in the loop, we were very surprised to work so many guys named “AJ” all from the same state.