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How much loss?

At Field Day here in Oakville I was amazed and a little shocked at how much misinformation some of the new hams had acquired.

For example, one of the guys said he’d never use RG-8X coax because it was so lossy. According to him, 100 watts of power into 100 feet of RG-8X would result in 50 watts of radiated at the antenna. I didn’t say anything at the time because I didn’t have the facts in front of me but I do now :)

Thanks to the Orchard City ARC in Kelowna, British Columbia I’ve got my answer which for Radio Shack RG-8X at 10 mHz is 80 watts out not 50! The club has posted a line loss calculator as well some other information about basic antenna design here at this link.

So where is all of this incorrect information coming from? I’m sorry to say I hear it just about every day on our active two-meter repeater. One new ham says something that’s technically wrong and since it doesn’t get corrected immediately on air, the statement takes on the status of fact and gets repeated. I’m as guilty as anybody else about not stepping in and offering a correction. At least when it comes to coaxial loss statements I know I’ll be offering factual information thanks to the Orchard City ARC.