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Upcoming Amateur Event- 2011 RAC AGM

Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs


Hamfest NL 2011


The Radio Amateurs of Canada 2011 AGM

The Executive and members of SONRA are pleased to host these special events and encourage Hams from everywhere to join us on July 30th and 31st in historic St. John’s Newfoundland.

The events will be held at the RCAF Club in Pleasantville and at the headquarters of Fire and Emergency Services Newfoundland and Labrador, our sponsor for the events. Highlights include:

* Youth perspective presentation

* Digital technologies presentation

* Video – “Igor- the storm of the century”

* Complementary Saturday lunch

* Saturday evening banquet

* Complementary Sunday brunch

* RAC 2011 Annual General Meeting and Q&A

* Old fashion bluegrass jam session following banquet

* Whale watching tour

* Opportunity to operate from Historic Signal Hill

Stay tuned for more information about this event by visiting and

For more information contact Paul Burggraaf VO1PRB at or Doug Mercer VO1DTM at


Posted on behalf of VO1DTM by VA3QV

When the system works… it works well!

Happy Monday,

Hope that your houshold is starting to return to normal after the Christmas/New Years festivities…

Before I go on with today’s topic I just want to jog your memory a bit so if you could go to this posting and then come back of course and then we can go on with the posting…

The parts I am hoping you remembered were:

To make it easier for me to keep track of things…  If you could send me your comments, questions and complaints  via email ( then I can read them over and forward them to the RAC Individual best suited to answer your question or look at your comment or complaint.

Rest assured I send your feedback up the line fairly quickly and will keep bugging (inquiring) the person I sent to for his response till I get one…

Now back to our blog post…

On the evening of January 1st I was a bit bored and sitting in the shack decided to check the mailbox.  I found two questions from Ontario Amateurs about some RAC activities and figured why not start on them now.  The rationale on this was that seeing its a Holiday the response time might be a bit slower so lets get the ball moving.

The first question was about the upcoming RAC AGM from a ham in Northern Ontario who was looking at planning his holidays so he could attend the AGM which will be in Newfoundland this year.  Although I knew the AGM would be in VO1 I was not sure if the dates had been confirmed so the question went from Northern Ontario to Ottawa to Winnipeg to Newfoundland back to Winnipeg then back to Ottawa where I was able to answer the question early on the morning of Jan 2nd.

In this day and age of emails the time frame is not anything to brag about but the fact that we could get everyone together to answer the question in less than 24 hours if just fantastic…

The 2nd example.  I received a question from an Ontario Ham about the RAC Insurance Deal.  I quickly sent this question up the line to Ian VE9IM who acknowledged the email quickly and set about sending a reply directly to the amateur who had the qustions.  (I got a cc of the reply so I know it was done ) and once again all this was done in less than 24 hours…

So now we know the system works…  your questions or complaints and even suggestions will be heard by the Directors and the Executive (as long as they don’t block my emails at least) in a prompt manner.  I don’t think we will be this fast every time…


But if we can do it quickly on New Years Day then I think our chances of it happening fairly promptly most days are good…  Not great but good.  We have to remember that everyone (even me) is doing the best they can with the time they can offer our hobby…  We are all volunteers and some days time is a precious commodity…

Just as a reminder you can also find us on Twitter if you follow@RACTWEETS and there is also the RAC Facebook Page as well…

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob