The monthly RAC teleconference

Every club and association from the smallest local group right up to national organizations like Radio Amateurs of Canada hold (or should hold) regularly scheduled executive meetings.

My Toastmaster club (First Oakville) for example schedules a 10-minute business session at every regular two-hour meeting. The club executive meets every four to six weeks and that’s how the business of the group gets conducted. It works really well and many Toastmasters take what they learn into their business life.

Last night RAC held its monthly national, cross-country teleconference. I found it thrilling to hear the many RAC volunteers who work for all hams in Canada signing in. Sounds kinda like a well directed net on 80 meters (HI).

While it’s not appropriate to talk about what was said during the meeting let me (Peter-VE3HG) report that the meeting went on for two and half hours which was 30 minutes over the scheduled time. The really exciting thing about these meetings is to hear the congenial tone of all the participants and the obvious desire to find ways to work together for the benefit of all.

There’s lots of hard work going on in the background and I dare say lots of room for anyone who wants to volunteer to take on a job or has a pet project they’d like to see implemented.

National organizations like RAC don’t just happen. They are borne by a desire of a few to see a better day for all. They are feed and nurtured by countless members who, over many years, devote thousands of hours of their time and talents to make a contribution to the hobby we al love so much.

Perhaps you don’t have the time right now to get directly involved? That was what I thought for a long time. I was “too busy” to get involved but I sent in my membership dues and thought that was enough. You know, I was wrong. I had more to give back to ham radio and it’s a funny thing about time….it expands to fit the demand.

There’s lots to do to help make ham radio in Canada better. The anti-cell phone legislation and anti-tower policies of some municipalities are just two issues which we can’t fight as individuals.

Like it or not, we need each other. It’s taken me a long time to come to this realization: I might not like you but I’ll work as hard as I can to preserve your rights to operate your amateur radio station. Why? Because when it comes to ham radio we’re all in the same small boat and I’d rather take a turn at rowing as opposed to just rocking the boat.

If you agree with me,  may I suggest one of the best thing you can do right now to preserve amateur radio in Canada is renew your membership and encourage others in your club or community to do the same?

Ham radio in Canada could use some more rowers.

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