How to get your Ham Radio ticket

Here’s another wiki. This one from Wired magazine is all about how to get your ham radio ticket. Remember that in Canada you’ll need the Study Guide sold by Radio Amateurs of Canada but aside from that most of the other information is right on.

BTW you don’t need to learn Morse code anymore to get your license but lots of hams do because it’s so much fun. Also you can build a CW (continuous wave) QRP (5 watts or less) transceiver that is capable of working the world  for peanuts. There are even clubs devoted to QRP. Most of the really serious contesters prefer CW as it is so much more efficient (and effective during this time of low sunspots) than voice modes like SSB (single sideband).

The nice thing about a wiki is anyone can add information to the site so expect to see many more topics and helpful hints as time goes on.

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