But I’m just new!

A ham who describes himself as being “new” said in an email to me that he wasn’t sure he should speak up since he really didn’t have a vision for the future. He also questioned the wisdom of going public with the transformational process. He said he’d wait until he heard what the leadership of RAC had to say.

Since his email was addressed to me and a few others in the RAC board/executive team it wouldn’t be good protocol for me to reprint it here but I can share my reply. Here it is with names changed:

Hi Bill:

I disagree with you (so what’s new with that?). As an inexperienced amateur your comments are just valid as mine as we’re talking about what we’d like to see (vision) and your vision is as valid as my own. Maybe even more so since you come at the issues with fresh eyes and no baggage from the past. We have enough of that already :)

I’d suggest you not wait for the direction from us in the exec/directors group. President Geoff has supported the public airing of the process and this is a brave and progressive stance. Based on the silence from some, I have a story that he is not universally supported in this.

I support him and after answering emails and posting comments to the blog for seven straight hours today alone I can tell you he has the support of some of the best people in Amateur Radio in Canada.

If we were running a corporation or private company, going outside to the public would be inappropriate and perhaps even unethical. However Radio Amateurs of Canada is not owned by the directors or executive.

In fact, as a public members-based organization, our executive and board are but trusted servants and should never govern. As a member I would reject being “governed” by anyone but I’d appreciate being “served” by those I elect or appoint into positions of trust.
That’s why this transformation discussion must be held in public and engaged in by the members. It can’t be relegated to a back room discussion by a few “officials” who then do the thinking for the rest of us. That’s not going to fly with the members.

It’s going to come as no surprise to anyone that RAC needs work. We have a few specific problems that need addressing right now. We have a much larger issue around governance and how do we work together. I fear these maybe the insurmountable issues.

When we come to the meeting in October I will be calling for transparency and open access to anyone who wishes to monitor the process. I’d love to live stream the discussion online. We’ve nothing to hide. No one has any special agenda here that doesn’t benefit Amateur Radio in Canada and Radio Amateurs of Canada specifically….do they?

In a year and half of teleconferences I’ve never heard anything that could not have been heard by every member. By being open and transparent our members will see for themselves that we’re less of an “old boy’s” and are a group of dedicated members just like them.

Don’t wait to speak up Bill. Radio Amateurs of Canada needs to hear from you and from every member.
Any folks, the same applies to you. Let us know what you think and get involved in the future of Amateur Radio in Canada. This is much too important a debate to be left in the hands of a few.

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  • To paraphrase Edmund Burke, bad things happen when good men (women) do nothing.

    I encourage “Bill” and all others who might be reluctant, to come forward with their thoughtful and informed suggestions and views.

    Note the words “thoughtful” and “informed”.


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