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With great respect, in my humble view RAC President Bawden’s latest posting seems sadly not to have much, if any, relationship to John Bartlett’s seven (or it is eight)-part oversight of how the RAC might pull itself out of its present woes.

Are John’s recommendations being taken seriously and being acted upon by the president or directors, or are they not?

After all, it is those recommendations that started this entire discussion in the first place. It was not inititated by the president or board. Yet we members are left in the dark as to what, if anything, is actually taking place. Surely it isn’t secret.

The RAC could be seen as burning while its leaders fiddle with plebiscites, wringing their hands in a show of concern, if not confusion.

Frankly, talk is cheap, especially when it has little bearing on the matter at hand. Action, on the other hand, is what is needed. And now.

Afterall, isn’t that what the RAC leaders were elected to do?

Of course, this is just my humble opinion.

Bob Cooke
Past President RAC
Past Ontario South Region Director RAC
Past Vice President Field Services RAC
Past Ontario South Assistant Director RAC

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  • Just a point of clarification: The discussion was not initiated by John Bartlett. He was invited by the Board to facilitate a process and John is part of the process of renewal. The material is posted on the RAC Blog for reading by hams everywhere. The board and executive are confident that the on-going public debate will help inform the board and executive and contribute to the creation of an effective go-forward strategy for RAC. In my view the long standing accusations that RAC is an “Old boys club” or a “secret society” have been put to bed by this process.

    The new RAC welcomes debate.

    Geoff ve4baw

    President and Chair

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