The Membership Campaign

Remember our membership campaign?

Well the weekly numbers are in and we’re hanging in there just under 4800.

Dave, VE3UZ said in comment posted on this blog the following:

“In the USA, I hear the total number of Hams is about 700,000, and that ARRL membership is around 170,000. These are ball park numbers I hear. If that’s so, the ARRL has about 24% participation rate. Now for RAC, the callsign database shows about 55,000 callsigns. We’ve all heard or experienced that individuals and clubs hold several callsigns, and hear of silent keys still listed in the database. I suggest that really there are about 30,000 of individuals there. From what I hear, RAC has about 5,500 members, which is about 18% participation rate. Is RAC really that far off the mark? Maybe only a little bit.”

So there’s no need for “the sky is falling down” worries but it does say to me that with the exception of Len Morgan, the regional director for the Atlantic (Who says he’s leaving! Don’t go Len!!) and Ontario assistant director Doug Frame, VE3JDF who is asking other hams to join RAC?  I’ve asked a couple of times and heard nothing. Hum :(

This membership campaign can’t be left to a few. We all need to be involved. I challenged you to ask 20 other hams between Field Day 2010 and Field Day 2011. And let us know the results.

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  • Over the last 2 or 3 years, I have twisted the arms of 3 Ham aquaintances, to joint RAC, which they did do. I see, none of them are members now. I guess, they were not the joiner type.

    Another experience of mine; a few years ago, a boss of mine who is a Japanese citizen, and a Ham over there, got to know I was a Ham. I helped him to apply for a temporary reciprocal licence, and took him to the Furgus Flea Market. While there, he spotted the RAC booth, and with absolutely no prompting from me, he joined RAC, and was tickled pink to have done so.

    Why the difference in attitude, I wonder……

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