Canadian Submarine Onondaga will soon hit the airwaves !!!

Members of the Club de Radio Amateur du St-Laurent in Rimouski, Quebec are restoring the radio room onboard the Onondaga submarine museum with a scheduled completion coming Friday 12 June 2009.

The permanent call sign assigned to the Onondaga submarine museum is VA2GNQ but a special 4-letter suffix call sign VA2CGNQ has been authorized for the weekend of June 12-14, 2009 to celebrate the inauguration of the new submarine museum.

All naval sparkers out there will remember that CGNQ was Onondaga’s international call sign during her active service.

Here’s a link to the Project Onondaga webpage:

Qualified Ham Radio operators who visit Rimouski will have the opportunity to operate the radio equipment onboard Onondaga and to promote the museum among the international Ham Radio community. Ham Radio Operators onboard Onondaga will also have the opportunity to communicate with other ship and submarine museums around the world.

If you are a Ham Radio operator and you want more information, please communicate with Club de Radio Amateur du St-Laurent VE2CSL. Here are the links to their website:

Club de Radio Amateur du St-Laurent VE2CSL    Website:

Club de Radio Amateur du St-Laurent VE2CSL    Email:

Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père      Website:

Ham Operators might also be interested in communicating with another submarine five days before the opening of the Onondaga museum.

The Radio Room onboard USS Cobia, call sign NB9QV, will be looking for contacts from 1400Z to 2200Z on Sunday 7 June. Frequencies are 3.900 MHz in the 75-Meter Band, 7.250 MHz in the 40-Meter Band and 14.260 MHz in the 20-Meter Band. (+/-30 kHz). For more information, go to:

The "USS COBIA" is a Gato class submarine that served in WWII and is now docked in Manitowoc,WI. as a floating museum. During its six war patrols she sank 13 Japanese vessels to account for a total of over 18,000 tons of Japanese shipping.

Made in Groton,CT. the USS COBIA was towed from Milwaukee,WI. where she was used as a training sub to Manitowoc,WI. on August 17,1970 and dedicated as a memorial to Submariners throughout the world and to the people of Manitowoc who constructed 28 submarines during WWII.

Thanks to the efforts of Club de Radio Amateur du St-Laurent VE2CSL, radio station VA2GNQ onboard HMCS Onondaga in Rimouski, Quebec will be able to join USS Cobia and up to 35 other memorial subs for Ham

Radio activities during the Memorial Submarine Radio Room Weekend in April of each year and the Museum Ships Afloat Weekend in June each year.

Thanks to Donald Courcy VE1CY – VE3ECW for this information. here’s a link to his website: The Radioman at

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