HMCS Haida on the air again

This from Kevin, VE3RCN…

Saturday 6th of June will be the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of fortress Europe. HMCS Haida played a part in that. Haida has been radio silent for many years now. I have secured permission to operate her original equipment from 1000 – 1700 EST on Saturday. This coincides with Museum Ships on the Air weekend (just Google it…I believe USS New Jersey is the OPI).

Call sign will be VE3RCN (Royal Canadian Navy).


While operation on any amateur frequency is allowed, most ships will be operating in the General portion of the bands


3,860 KHz 3,539 KHz

7,260 KHz 7,039 KHz

10,109 KHz

14,260 KHz 14,039 KHz

18,160 KHz 18,079 KHz

21,360 KHz 21,039 KHz

24,960 KHz 24,899 KHz

28,360 KHz 28,039 KHz

50,160 KHz 50,109 KHz


14.070 MHz 10.142 MHz 18.100 MHz 21.070 MHz 28.120 MHz

There are at least 83 confirmed ships that will be on the air.

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  • Here we go again. The 71st anniversary of the invasion of fortress Europe and again…Museum Ships On The Air. VE3RCN will again be active aboard warship Haida. Haida was part of the invasion fleet! Over 102 confirmed ships on the air this year.

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