Bill 118 – Calling all Ontario Amateurs

Thanks to all who emailed me ( directly or sent comments to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in regards to the anti-cell-phone legislation Bill 118.

If you are concerned about your ability to operate your mobile radio equipment in your moving vehicle while driving in the province of Ontario, continue to alert all of your fellow amateur radio operators and encourage them to provide direct comments to the Ministry.

Here again is the Ministry comment address:

Comments left on this blog, while appreciated and read, should also be sent to the above Ministry address.

Some hams have asked what is the level of threat that Ontario amateurs face right now? To use the old movie “War Games” as the example: We are at DEFCON 2. (We can go as high as DEFCON 4.)

It is not yet time to ring Queen’s Park with mobile units but it is the time to express in calm, reasoned and no uncertain language why amateur radio use in moving vehicles is of uncountable benefit to the people and the communities in which the live in the province of Ontario.

Let your voice be heard before the deadline of June 17. Encourage your amateur friends in your community, your club and your association to communicate with the Ministry of Transportation.

Personal letters addressed to the Minister would not be out of the question. May I suggest you use exactly the same language you would use in writing to your favourite aunt or uncle :)

Contact your local member of the provincial legislature and ask them to personally support you and your fellow 20,000 federally licensed amateur radio operators to continue to use their amateur radio equipment in their vehicles while driving on Ontario’s roadways.

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