What has RAC done for me?

Got this question in an e-mail this morning from a Canadian ham. What has RAC done for me?

Well for your $50 you’ve got an opportunity to make Amateur Radio in Canada better. How’s that for starters?

RAC is made up of volunteers – for better or worse – who work together to improve our hobby. How do they do that?

They run our very popular Outgoing QSL Bureau (some guys – like me who do a lot of QSLing – pay for their RAC memberships many times over just by using the bureau).

Your $50 might get you the opportunity to pay your own way to meetings of Amateur Radio organizations like The International Amateur Radio Union which, if I’m not mistaken is holding meetings soon in Puerto Rico. Two RAC volunteers are going and will represent your interests.

You might want to become an assistant regional director and help promote Amateur Radio and RAC at ham fests in your region. This can eat up a lot of Saturday mornings but it can also get you into flea markets early :)

If Amateur Radio is more than a hobby, you could join your local ARES group and help serve your community while learning some communication’s skills.

If you’re a masochist like me you an join the national executive or board and trust me, there’s lots we can find for you to do. You’ll get to participate in the management and leadership of a volunteer national organization. Can’t tell you how much fun that can be some days. :)

So what has RAC done for you? It’s giving you the opportunity to make Amateur Radio in Canada better for you and all your fellow amateurs across Canada. How’s that for $50?

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