Housekeeping and A Few Thoughts

Hi All: I’ve taken the individual pages down that were about the Transforming Radio Amateurs of Canada and added links to all 14 submissions from John Bartlett, VE1OZ/HK3OZ into the newly named permanent page (found in column on right) called “Transforming Radio Amateurs of Canada.” These new links include all of John’s graphics where the individual pages were text only.

At Saturday’s Contest Club Ontario’s annual members-BBQ and annual meeting, I heard from lots from the RAC members in attendance. (Of the 80 plus contesters in attendance a good 85 to 90 per cent said they were RAC members. The non-members got application forms handed to them with a request made by me for them to join me in supporting our national organization. Several said they would.)

The overwhelming comments I heard on Saturday were demands for more openness. And the Ontario hams want more representation of their needs on the board.

Gee if the Ontario hams want more representation, what about the Amateur Radio operators in Quebec who have roughly 25 per cent of the hams in the country and are represented by one director?

One of the hidden benefits of going through a visioning process which is inclusive of all the members and non-members alike is there are many issues that get brought out into public where they can be dealt with.

Not everybody is comfortable with this process. It’s messy. It’s public. It screams out for action. It’s tough to ignore. It takes time. And it requires a certain amount of courage.

But what this process does do, is create a culture of openness and trust. And isn’t that what you the members are asking for from your national organization?

(Keep those emails and comments coming in folks and renew your membership and ask at least 20 other hams in your club or community to join with you in supporting your national Amateur Radio association.

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