How's the membership campaign going?

Abysmally with several exceptions.

Why abysmally? Because some folks (who should know better) aren’t getting out to local amateur radio events in their communities and asking everyone they meet whether or not they are a member.

When I ask (like at the Contest Club Ontario‘s AGM and BBQ held last month) if the amateur says no I ask them to join me in supporting their national amateur radio association and I hand them a printed RAC membership form and a pen. If they say yes, I thank them for their support and shake their hand.

It’s that easy.

In the 2010-2011 membership campaign I am challenging all of you who read this blog to go out and ask 20 other Canadian amateur radio operators to join RAC. You can do this at your next club meeting, ARES group meeting, flea market or ham fest. If you have a Halloween patrol or festive seasonal club dinner coming up in a couple of months take some membership forms.

Now I’ve actually had hams take the time to send me long emails protesting that they’re already busy in ARES, NTS or RAC committee and they don’t see why they should have to get involved in selling RAC memberships. To them I say if you want to continue enjoying the activities you volunteered to do through RAC and enjoy so much then it’s in your best interest to ensure the long-term success of the overall association.  At your next meeting ask the hams in the room if they are members and if not ask them to support you and hand them a membership form. It takes about as long as sending me an email telling me you’re too busy to get involved :)

Oakville ARES emergency co-ordinator Rick Harrison, VA3NV, talked about RAC during a couple of recent meetings of the Oakville, Ontario ARES group. Rick made it a point on the agenda to mention RAC membership and the benefits of being a member. Two members of his ARES group joined RAC this summer. Thanks Rick.

Look here’s how it works: As I was typing this on Sunday afternoon we got a phone call from a campaign worker for our local councillor who is seeking re-election. She asked if we’d be willing to have a campaign sign on our lawn. I said no but thanked the lady for her call. All in all a pleasant experience and now the incumbent has made the first contact with us and we are left with a favourable impression of him and his team. Wonder if this might not be the entire point come voting day??

If you ask 20 amateurs to support you by joining our national association you’re going to get a couple of renewals or new memberships. If we all do our bit, our membership numbers will soar and we’ll find ourselves as members of a much stronger, robust and healthy organization.

The 2010-2011 national membership campaign for Radio Amateurs of Canada ends on the Field Day weekend of 2011. With club meetings starting up across Canada this month, I expect RAC will end up on more than one club’s agenda and I am counting on you to be there with membership forms in hand.

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  • “if the amateur says no I ask them to join” … but what are you going to do if the amateur asks “why?”. People do things for a reason. Unless you can give them a good reason to join RAC, including benefits they get out of their membership, why would they follow up on your request and become a member?

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