Hoopla in Bangalore

Want to know how to get young people involved in Amateur Radio?

Here’s what hams in Bangalore India did when asked to create an event for Hoopla Club, a monthly Indian children’s magazine. Any club in Canada could do the same thing.

BTW Diane Eng, who writes for the very popular youth-oriented hackers magazine Make is a ham and a member of the ARRL’s large volunteer public relations effort. Here’s Diane’s archive page on Make online. (BTW notice Diane normally doesn’t even include her callsign in reports as it is meaningless to most of her readers and viewers. This is smart PR.) Checkout Diane’s Collapsible Fabric Yagi Antenna.

Finally, for those of us who need a few minutes of inspiration, I offer you Sugata Mitra, an educational scientist, who gave this talk on child-driven education at TED.

Hang in at least until the eight minute mark and prepare to be absolutely amazed.

2 Responses to “Hoopla in Bangalore”

  • This is exactly how we introduce young people to ham radio. And this is exactly what RAC should foster on its web pages. All aspects of ham radio.

  • Thanks for the tip to this great little publication. Its nice to know that this generation will still have some people who actually like to build things ! There’s hope for the world yet ;-) )
    I do think that the reference to it being a “hackers” publication is a bit unfair though. It is into much, much more than just that.

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