Part 16 – The Journey Continues

When John Bartlett, VE1OZ/HK3OZ said a few days ago that Part 15 of his transformational process document was the last I had the thought that more was to come. Guess what? I was right. Here’s Part 16 where John talks about whether or not the culture within RAC is up to the task of changing.

Many of the comments on this blog are about change especially when it comes to more openness and transparency and not limited to simply fixing what needs fixing.

Everybody it seems has a list of what they’d like to see fixed (and opinions vary on how to fix somethings but that’s healthy debate and provides opportunities to see things in a new way) but not all understand that if we don’t change the way we approach how we lead and manage all the fixing in the world will not move the organization to a higher levels of success.

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