RAC Bulletin 2010-028E – Bulletin #1 from Ottawa

Via Daniel A. Lamoureux, VE2KA

RAC Bulletin 2010-028E 2010-10-30 – 10:00 a.m.

This weekend, the Radio Amateur of Canada Director’s, executive and key resources have gathered in Ottawa to plan the future of RAC. These individuals are almost all volunteers, and we are committed to the future of RAC.

Today – we are looking at what RAC needs to look like in the future. We are reviewing the feedback received, the future of ‘The Canadian Amateur’ magazine and what our physical presence needs to be in the future. We are building a ‘vision’ of what RAC needs to look like in the future, in order to attract and retain members, and ensure the future of Amateur Radio in Canada.

Further bulletins to follow.

Directors and Executive
Radio Amateurs of Canada

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