Toronto Star says 2-way radio exempt!

Yesterday’s (Saturday, June 13) Toronto Star quotes Ontario transportation ministry spokesperson Bob Nichols as saying:
“Citizens’ Band (CB) radios are hard-wired into the vehicle and thus fall outside the intended schop of new legislation that bans wireless, hand-held electronic devices.”

The Toronto Star articles goes on to say: “That said drivers can still be charged with careless driving if they aren’t paying attention behind the wheel and place other road users at risk as a result of suing a CB radio or engaging in any other behaviour that distracts them from the driving task.”

RAC will be following up with Mr. Nichols tomorrow (Monday) to confirm this statement to the Toronto Star.

This would appear to be very good news however it doesn’t address the use of handhelds by drivers in moving vehicles. RAC will seek clarification on this issue as well.

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