RAC Bulletin 2010-032E – Vision Statement 2010-11-14

RAC Bulletin 2010-032E – Vision Statement 2010-11-14

Vision for RAC as unanimusly agreed upopn by the Board of Directors and Executive of the Radio Amateurs of Canada:

“The Board and Executive of the Radio Amateurs of Canada, committed to the future of Amateur Radio in Canada and to the future of RAC, held a planning meeting in Ottawa from October 29th to October 31st as part of a process to map the future of RAC in the 21st Century.  The Board and Executive have unanimously agreed upon a draft Vision for RAC.”

This Vision appears below and will be published on our website and appear in the January/February issue of The Canadian Amateur.  Comments from members and amateurs are welcomed and should be sent to Paul Burggraaf, Secretary, Radio Amateurs of Canada by email to
the RAC Corporate Secretary at <pburggraaf @ nf . sympatico . ca>

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) becomes an integral part of Amateur Radio culture . when a new Ham obtains his/her certification, they rush to join RAC and enjoy the benefits of the organization which is recognized both nationally and internationally as the voice of Amateur Radio in Canada. If it is an Amateur Radio question, concern or issue . RAC is the organization that addresses those concerns and supplies the answers and guidance.

We attain high service levels; we meet the needs of our members and serve as an example to other international Amateur Radio organizations on how to service their constituents. Director, Executive and Assistant Director positions are coveted by RAC members, who are equitably represented by their elected officials. The annual convention is well attended and through technology, is made available to a wider range of members who cannot attend in person.

RAC pushes communications to their members, through a variety of methods . Ham nets, local club communications, face-to-face meetings, presentations, newsletters, .The Canadian Amateur. magazine, social networks and e-mail/web bulletins are among the devices employed.
We achieve a level of communication with the public, and the various levels of government that truly reflects our capabilities and the extent to which we can contribute to both emergency communications and public awareness of the abilities of our hobby.

RAC promotes education and .elmering. to new Hams, and supports the training and coaching of RAC volunteers to achieve exemplary results, at the municipal, provincial and national levels. The new RAC Field Training program is the recognized tool leveraged by our ARES groups. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and we develop an appreciation program that reflects our reliance on their abilities and commitment. All RAC members recognize and appreciate what the individual volunteers contribute, and the value that RAC, as an organization, brings to Amateur Radio in Canada.

RAC achieves a stable financial position, with a positive, growing membership which truly reflects the outstanding representation that  RAC makes to Industry Canada and the world of Amateur Radio in Canada.

Paul Burggraaf
RAC Corporate Secretary

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