RAC Bulletin 2010-034 E – CARAB News on Electrical Interference

RAC Bulletin 2010-034 E – CARAB News on Electrical Interference

The Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board [CARAB] is a joint Radio Amateur of Canada [RAC]/Industry Canada [IC] consultation body which met last October 28th in Ottawa. In addition to items noted previously in a previous RAC Bulletin, RAC had raised the issue of utility electrical interference.

IC communicated the following to CARAB members after its November 2nd meeting with the Canadian Electrical Association.”

Geoff Bawden VE4BAW, Co-Chair, CARAB / President, Radio Amateurs of Canada


On November 2, 2010, the annual Transmission Telecommunications Task Group (TTTG) meeting between Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) and Industry Canada was held. Industry Canada took the opportunity to relay to the Association concerns that had been raised at the October 28, 2010 Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board (CARAB) meeting relating to electrical interference.

CEA representatives were reminded of requirements under Industry Canada?s Interference Causing Equipment Standards (ICES) – 004 and given examples to demonstrate that, fundamentally, a clean electrical utility is beneficial for the utility.

CEA representatives indicated that front-line electrical utility staff may not be familiar with the requirements of ICES-004. It was noted that many utilities may not always have the expertise available to locate sources of electrical interference, however, some specific utilities indicated that they do in fact have experts in this field.

Industry Canada pointed out to Association members that radio amateurs can be a resource as they may have skills that could be used to help identify sources.

The CEA thanked Industry Canada for bringing CARAB?s concerns to the meeting and acknowledged that there are benefits to locating sources of electrical interference. Industry Canada indicated that the CARAB would appreciate receiving the CEA’s views and reaction to this matter and the Association agreed it would respond.

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