RAC Presidents writes Ontario Minister Bradley

Supporting the ongoing email campaign by Ontario amateur radio operators in regards to Ontario’s Bill 118, RAC President Bob Cooke has sent a strongly worded letter directly to Transport Minister Jim Bradley.

In the letter, Cooke makes reference to previous correspondence and clearly restates the contribution that amateur radio has made to the citizens and communities of Ontario.

With the passing of exemptions for the use of amateur radio in Manitoba’s Bill 5, Ontario hams should continue to help educate their local members of the Ontario Legislature about the benefits of amateur radio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support your use of your amateur radio equipment.

1 Response to “RAC Presidents writes Ontario Minister Bradley”

  • One main concern I have is that an HT radio would apparently still be banned even if we manage to get the exemption for ham equipment. I have been saying for some time that this kind of logic could pose a greater danger.

    During CANWARN nets, we are often in close proximity to dangerous lightning. I have had corona discharge build up so strong prior to local strikes that I could barely hear the repeater. In these cases, using a headset or hand mic are extremely dangerous. An HT is the only safe option.

    From the NOAA website:

    “While inside a safe vehicle, do not use electronic devices such as radio communications during a thunderstorm. Lightning striking the vehicle, especially the antenna(s), could cause serious injury if you are talking on the radio or holding the microphone at the time of the flash. Emergency officials such as police officers, firefighters and security officers should be extremely cautious using radio equipment when lightning is in the area.”

    Please make sure the government uses common sense with this law so that we are not put into danger by an ill-advised rule while we are serving the public. There is no operational difference between talking on a pre-programmed HT and a hand mic, but I understand an exemption for HTs is not being considered. The Minister needs to be made aware of the risk such a paradox presents.

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