VY0RAC looking for an operator

The following email came across my screen today so just in case…


From: Mitch [mailto:ve6oh@rac.ca
Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 4:47 PM

Subject: NTS message to Nunavat

Hi all
I am trying to get Nunavut on the air for the RAC winter contest I have
sent many email and so far no success.

“  RAC is looking to have a station operate in  the RAC Winter Contest with the RAC call VY0RAC

If you are able to operate even for a short time please contact Mitch
VE6OH    via email VE6OH@RAC.CA
or via NTS, my location is Edmonton, AB,  phone 780 446 8958

Mitch  VE6OH


Now I have deleted some of the email but the important parts… We are looking for an operator to operate VY0RAC for the Canada Winter Contest and yes the operator must operate from VY0… and who to contact if you can help is all there…

Being able to help your fellow amateurs to contact VY0RAC during the RAC Canada Winter Contest would definately get you into the “Nice” catagory…

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

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