B.C. opens consultation on cell phone

B.C. hams have until Aug. 7 to provide their comments to the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General in regards to possible future legislation that could affect the use of mobile amateur radio equipment.

A government discussion paper called “Address the Problem of Distracted Driving and its Impacts to Road Safety” is available on the Internet.

And a link to provide comments about the issue is also available online.

While all amateur radio operators should support safe driving legislation our politicians and government staff writers should be made aware of the possible negative impact such laws could have on the legitimate use of federally licensed amateur radio equipment in moving vehicles.

Other jurisdictions (Manitoba) have included exemptions to legislation banning cell phone use in moving vehicles and British Columbia officials should be encouraged to create similar wording.

Again, comments to the website are welcome up until Aug. 7. Interested amateurs might wish to personally contact their local members of the provincial government to help them understand the impact that poorly worded legislation could have on the amateur radio services’ ability to serve their local communities in times of need.

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