CQ RTTY/Digital operators

The DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) has been asked by the Programs and Services Committee (PSC) of the ARRL to comment on how DXCC might be updated to accommodate digital modes other than RTTY.

Currently, there exists an RTTY DXCC which is endorsable for bands. This came into existence in 1976, became endorsable in 1984, and became an Honour Roll award in 1993. Modes other than RTTY, such as PSK31, presently feed into the RTTY Award.

The PSC has asked the DXAC to comment on how the newer digital awards might be accommodated within the DXCC program. (There is at this time no consideration being given to doing away with the present RTTY DXCC; RTTY is too popular for that to happen.)

Some possible questions to answer follow:

- Should there be a separated DXCC award for digital modes other than RTTY?

- Should a separate award be a general award for Digital Modes or should there be multiple awards be available?

- Should such awards to be endorsable by band?

- Should the status quo be retained, i.e. all digital modes feeding into the RTTY DXCC?

Any Canadian Amateur who wishes to comment on the above is asked to send an email at the following address:


(Replace the words with the appropriate symbol to get a valid email address)

In order that the DXAC may report to PSC at its next meeting, please make your comments not later than August 31, 2009.

Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested.

Please to not use this email address for anything except comments on the DXCC RTTY issue.

John Scott, VE1JS — RAC representative – DXAC

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