Ham radio by remote control

As the Baby Boomers start to retire in mass numbers many are selling the family home and moving to smaller quarters. When the retiree is a ham radio operator this can mean curtailing some of the best aspects of the hobby like setting up antennas.

But thanks to technology, you can have your antenna-restricted condo and still operate a contest-quality ham radio station.

Mike Walker, VA3MW, a ham since he was 15, has been_DSC9830sm experimenting  with remotely  controlling his amateur radio station over the Internet.

Mike describes exactly how he set up his station on his blogsite at www.walkerphoto.blogspot.com.

You might have guessed by the Internet address that Mike is also a first-class professional photographer and many of his excellent photos can be found on his site.

Thanks to Mike for sharing this information with us.

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