Eastern Ontario ARES Report

Today’s posting comes to us courtesy of Mike Hickey VE3IPC who is the DEC (District Emergency Coordinator) for the Seaway/Capital Districts of Ontario ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)


Subject: New Eastern Ontario ARES promo video clip – for ARES, Officials, & the public.
Hello fellow ARES Group EC,

I trust you had a great holiday and I hope you will have a healthy and prosperous New Year.

The Eastern Ontario [Seaway/Capital] ARES District is pleased to announce and present our new ARES Promo Video production that is now posted on our ARES District website (still under construction) for anyone to view on line and or download the WMV 36 meg 7.5 minutes short video clip.

TVCogeco News in Renfrew Ontario in May 2010 did a news video piece on the ARES training course that was being given by the Eastern Ontario ARES District leadership while conducting an ‘in school’ ARES ‘on air’ exercise of the training that the two Renfrew County ARES groups (RCE & RCW-ARES) received.

With special permission and co-operation from the TVCogego and TVCogeco News for Renfrew/Pembroke Ontario we were able to access their raw footage and create a post-production ARES promo video.  We thank TVCogeco for the use of their raw footage and facilities that allowed us to create this new ARES Promo video.  We also wish thank their regular volunteer at TVCogeco Renfrew, Nathan MacIsaac – VA3NCM, for providing us his technical expertise and operating the editing equipment in making this video production.  We also wish thank TVCogeco News Renfrew Camera Engineer Jeremy Charboneau who created the original news piece, for creating the introduction part of the video and all the credit info we requested to end the video with.

We also wish to thank our volunteer Webmaster Dave Gabrieled in Ottawa for creating our website and for posting the video for all to see.

This video is intended to be used as part of the ARES presentation to any local municipal government’s emergency management officials and NGO leadership like that of the local Red Cross as an educational tool explaining – what is ARES, what they do and why.

To view and or download the ARES promo video visit, <

http://seawaycapital-ares.org/index.html > and choose < VIDEO > then select < ARES Promo Video >.  Please send your comments to < ve3ipc@gmail.ca >

By all means please do share this info with each of your group members for their viewing.

Mike Hickey – VE3IPC
DEC for Eastern Ontario ARES
Jan 04 – 2011

Mike has been working on behalf of ARES in Eastern Ontario first as the EC (Emergency Coordinator) for Prescott Russell and now as the DEC for Eastern Ontario.
If you have any questions or comments on ARES in Eastern Ontario please feel free to contact Mike at VE3IPC@gmail.com
If you have any questions or comments on Field Services in Canada please contact the Vice President Field Services at VO1DTM@rac.ca

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

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