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Subj: Eastern Ontario ARES [Seaway-Capital] District website videos are back on line.
Date: 1/10/2011 4:49:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
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Hello everyone,

In regards to the Eastern Ontario ARES [Seaway-Capital] District ‘ARES Promo video‘, and the ‘ARES News clip‘ video, you will be pleased to know that our website (under construction) < > is now back on line and the videos [select video button] are ready to be either viewed and or downloaded.  The download versions are of higher quality.  The ARES Promo video is just over 7 minutes long and the ARES News clip is nearly 3 minutes long.

The intended audience of the News clip video is for the general public, and the 7 plus minute version is for municipal emergency officials that could be part of an overall ARES presentation.

With the help and cooperation the DEC received from TV Cogeco and TV Cogeco News for Renfrew/Pembroke Ontario, he was able to have access to the original footage they took of the ARES District’s ‘in school’ class ARES training and exercise sessions.  With their raw footage and with the help of TV Cogeco News regular volunteer Nathan VA3NCM, the DEC (as both director and editor) was able to create a postproduction educational video of What is ARES, What they do and Why.

Your comments can be sent to Mike – DEC for Eastern Ontario ARES.

Michael Hickey / Callsign VE3IPC
Eastern Ontario ARES (DEC)
613-679-4474  < >
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Posted on behalf of Mike VE3IPC DEC for Eastern Ontario ARES by VA3QV

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