From the Ontario Section Manager

New Appointment of Assistant Section Manager for Ontario as of January 12, 2011

As many of you know RAC is moving ahead with great changes and it is
a very exciting times for RAC and the Field Services. As Section
Manager for Ontario my area of responsibility is going to increase
over the next few months as we move the program forward. As such I
realize that I can not do it alone. I need to build a strong Ontario
Team that will move our Section in line with the National Level
however with the interests of Ontario in mind. So having said that I
am very pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Hickey VE3IPC,
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) for the Ontario ARES.  Michael has
been a Ham for many years and holds his basic and advanced qualifications.

Michael has been with ARES since the early 90′s and in 1998 accepted
the appointment of first EC for Prescott-Russell Counties lasting 6
years.  In 2004 he accepted the appointment of DEC and continues to
oversee and develop what were two non-developed ARES Districts now
making up Eastern Ontario.  He is the originator of the ARES District
Mutual Aid Program (DMAP) manual.  He now promotes ARES to ‘student
officials’ that attend the week long course at the Canadian Emergency
Management College in Ottawa.  Michael has a background in commercial
sales, marketing and promoting.

Michael’s focus will be to put together a steering committee and
working groups to deal with pressing issues that will affect the
Ontario Field Organization starting with the Incorporation of ARES in
Ontario and a number of other important key issues.   Michael will
also act as my adviser regarding similar issues being worked by each
Section Manager working in concert with the ARES National level.

Please join me in welcoming Michael to the Ontario ARES Section.

Allan Boyd – VE3AJB
Section Manager Ontario
Radio Amateurs of Canada

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