RAC will be at Dayton 2011

In this mornings EMAIL was the following from Geoff:

The Radio Amateurs of Canada has been absent for too long from the Dayton Hamfest. In 2011 groups ranging from ARRL, JRRL, DARC, IARU were present and profiling their organizations.

In 2011 RAC intends to join them. RAC is currently arranging for a booth at this world class hamfest.

The RAC is an amateur lead and run organization and is looking for volunteers to help run the booth at the hamfest. We are also looking for a Team Leader to pull RAC’s contribution together.

If you are interested in profiling your counties national organization to an international audiemce please call our office at 1 877 273 8304 and register your interest.

Ah yes and we will pay the admittance of helpful volunteers.
Geoff Bawden  VE4BAW
President and Chair RAC

Just remember…  The original Amateur Radio Social Media device used a “Key” and not a “Keyboard”.

73 from Ottawa… Bob

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