Tsunami and the Pacific Coast of the Americas

VIA: IARU Region 2 News bulletin
Subject: Tsunami and the Pacific Coast of the Americas
March 18, 2011

After the Tsunami which originated by the Japan Earthquake on Friday, March 11, 2011, several American countries began to issue warning, to their populations located near the Pacific Coast.

Marco Loarca, TG9ANM, ECAG AREA D of IARU R2; reported that during the day, the CRAG (Club de Radio Aficionados de Guatemala), was able to maintain communication via VHF- UHF with radio operators located near the Pacific of Guatemala.

Jorge Sierra, LU1AS, ECAG Area G of IARU R2, reported that RECNA (Red Chilena Nor Austral), monitored the frequency 7.070 and from 17:00 local time, the VHF-UHF Network was activated.

Daniel Lamoureux VE2KA, reported that there has been no damage from the Tsunami, on Western Coast of Canada.

A.R.E.S (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) of the Central California Coast, Santa Cruz County,on Friday, March 11, 2011, approximately 08:00 AM PST, reported as follows:

Sirens wailed and reverse 911 alerted residents in low lying beach zones of Santa Cruz County today for the impending danger of the Tsunami released as a result of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

Early Friday morning the Santa Cruz County A.R.E.S. Team activated the Santa Cruz County Tsunami Resource Net in advance of the anticipated 5 to 7 foot wave. It was expected to reach the Santa Cruz Coast around 8:00 AM.

More than 30 local A.R.E.S. radio operators staffed and manned served agencies including the Santa Cruz County Emergency Operations Center, Evacuation Centers, The Red Cross, Salvation Army Corp Canteen Truck One, Santa Cruz County Harbor Coast Guard Auxiliary and a number of local Fire Departments.

In addition to the served agencies, a number of hams provided remote observation of the coast line and communications capabilities at the evacuation centers.

As expected, the devastating Tsunami waves impacted the coast and did an estimated 15 million dollars of damage to the Santa Cruz Harbor. More than 100 boats, including fishing vessels, pleasure boats and
yachts, were either damaged or sunk as a result of the waves.

Santa Cruz was not alone in receiving significant damage as a result of the powerful waves. Crescent City, located approximately 500 miles North of Santa Cruz, also received heavy damage causing Governor Brown to declare these areas disaster zones. One person died as a result of being swept out to sea with the high waves.

Forwarded by Doug Mercer VO1DTM, Vice President Field Services
Radio Amateurs of Canada

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