RAC Bulletin 2011-014E ARES ID Cards.

RAC Bulletin 2011-014E ARES ID Cards.

Good morning,

Many of you have been waiting for your new/updated ARES ID cards for some time now. A couple of days ago, driven by your inquiries and the sense that I had seen no mail from Industrial Plastics, our supplier, I followed up with a phone call. Apparantly the owner, Brian Ewin had fallen ill and had been hospitalized which meant closing the business in his absence.

Brian is back and feeling himself, and this past Monday completed all back logged items and a bunch of cards are enroute to me. I will expidite them upon arrival. Brian sends his sincere apology to you all. Unfounately the manner in which he feel ill made it impossible for him to gives us a heads up. Thanks for your understandng!


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