Hurricane Maria packs a punch but then quickly exits.

Hurricane Maria packs a punch but then quickly exits.


Skies are clear and sunny today, although wing gusts are still quite strong ( up to 75 km/hr) in some areas. Overnight, gusts were recorded over 140 km/hr and some areas had rainfall in excess of 75 mm, but for the most part Maria was a disappointment. She made landfall exactly where meteorologists said she would with sustained winds of 120 km/hr, but by 5:00pm local time the low pressure system that collided with her sent her scurrying quickly to the northeast, leaving no damage to speak of.

This could just as easily been Igor all over again, but we are thankful that it wasn’t. To each of you who came forward to assist with this activation, thank you! We had folks man VO1EMO at the Provincial Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) providing FES NL staff with updates as well as CANWARN observations to the weather office in Gander, mobile operators providing updates, folks at home sharing HF Net Control duties and several Maritime and Ontario Hams were at the ready in case they were needed. Once again, to all of you, “thank you”.


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