RAC Bulletin 2011-033E – Notice to All Amateur Radio Operators in Ontario

RAC Bulletin 2011-033E – Notice to All Amateur Radio Operators in Ontario


Greetings All;

As many of you know RAC is presently undergoing new changes within the organization and Field Services for Ontario is no exception. As Section Manager for Ontario and your only elected official for field services one of the major concerns that I brought forward to the RAC executive is that for one person to act on behalf of all of Ontario is not a proper voice on two levels. One is that due to many factors like the sheer size of the province it is impossible for all the amateurs in Ontario to see and have a personal contact with the Section Manager. You need someone close to where you reside that you can have personal contact with.

Since taking this position in October 2005 and being reelected I have tried to do this job to the best of my ability. As many of you know I have had some contact with you through personal telephone calls and e-mails and maybe the odd club meeting or hamfest. However I don’t have the luxury or funds to visit all clubs or ARES groups in the province. This is not fair to you and to me. You need personal contact with someone that can take your concerns and comments good or bad to the next level. If RAC is going to be our national voice you need to know who your RAC rep is. Our present government has local MPP’s that represent your voice to government RAC needs a similar restructure.

RAC President Geoff Bawden VE4BAW through the direction of VPFS Doug Mercer V01DTM has tasked Bill Unger VE3XT Ontario North Director to over see a committee of experienced amateurs to come up with a restructure of Field Services for Ontario. Attached you will find a document and a new restructure chart with the proposal of having four Section Managers representing you instead of one.

I ask you all to read the following document carefully and send your comments directly to address below http://www.rac.ca/en/news/bulletins/2011/Field_Services_Review_v8_3.pdf

As your elected official for RAC I need and want your input about this proposed restructure before we can move ahead and your voice is very important to me and RAC. I ask your respond back to this address:


by the 27th November 2011. Once all comments are collected a final report will be drafted.

Have a look and this is your chance to let your voice be heard.


Allan Boyd VE3AJB

Section Manager – Ontario

Radio Amateurs of Canada

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