RAC Bulletin 2011-043E – Distribution of ARES merchandise

RAC Bulletin 2011-043E – Distribution of ARES merchandise


Now that CaféPress has been introduced, you will notice a temporary absence of many of our ARES products. I am working on a process that will permit control over who wears ARES apparel including vests, shirts, pins, crests, shirts and so on. Items that are currently available only from the Chief Field Services Officer (VPFS) are as follows:

  • ARES Safety vests
  • CEC lapel pin
  • 12" round ARES car magnets
  • 12" round ARES decals
  • ARES lapel pins
  • 4" round ARES crest
  • Plastic ARES ID card with clip and lanyard

I am sure you will understand the importance of managing these items in a prudent manner. In today’s ever changing Emcomm environment, credentialing has become crucial, and when you present yourself as an ARES Emcomm operator, you are seen as responsible, trained, dependable, affiliated with RAC and ready to assist when called. For all of these reasons, it's important to know who is wearing our apparel. Stay tuned!


Doug Mercer VO1DM CEC

Vice President Field Services

P.O. Box 1042 – Goulds, NL A1S 1H2

Tel: 709-364-4741

Cell: 709-697-3319

E-mail: dougvo1dtm@gmail.com

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