RAC Bulletin 2012-006E – Ontario Section restructuring Update

RAC Bulletin 2012-006E – Ontario Section restructuring Update


As announced in Radio Amateurs of Canada Bulletin 2011-021E, a RAC Ontario Section Restructuring Commission was appointed by President Geoff Bawden on the advice of the Vice President for Field Services and with the support of the Board, with the objective of "improving representation to our members and to ensure that the task of our Section Managers is realistic in terms of member access and service". The Commission was tasked to "determine the most effective number of Section Managers and other positions as well as any further such regional divisions which may be required". The difficulties of effectively managing such a large geographical area as Ontario were well known and the need for a greater number of sections had been discussed at various levels for some years.

Under the chairmanship of Bill Unger VE3XT (Ontario Director North/East), the Commission commenced its proceedings on August 7, 2011. The other members of the Commission are Jeff Stewart VA3WXM (Ontario Director South), Dave Hayes VE3JX (Algoma ARC), Vic Henderson VE3FOX (Peel ARC), Al Boyd, VE3AJB (current Ontario Section Manager and Pat Barrett VE3RNH (Barrie ARC). Dave, Vic, Al and Pat are active participants in the ARES. Also included in the deliberations was Ian Snow, VA3QT, special advisor to the Vice President of Field Services and Doug Mercer, VO1DM Vice President of Field Services for RAC. To the best of its ability the Commission sought input from the Ontario clubs and individual Amateurs.

The Commission recognized that Section Managers are elected by the membership to manage a range of RAC programs. They report on Section operations through the Vice President Field Services, who is accountable to the President for the overall operation of the Field Organization, but like the Regional Director, the Section Manager holds overall responsibility within their Section. The Commission also recognized that Ontario is a large province, that Field Services may have different responsibilities based on where in the Province they are located, and that it has proven difficult for one person to coordinate all programs across the province. It recommended that the existing relationship between ARES Districts and EMO Sectors should continue to be respected. Finally, the task force recognized that VPFS has instituted an advisory Council composed of the Section Managers to coordinate Field Organization activities nationally.

The Commission recommended that Ontario be divided into four sections: Ontario North, Ontario East, Ontario South, and the Greater Toronto Area. The Toronto District ARES Coordinator will retain responsibility for the operation of the ARES station located within the Provincial EOC. The Commission recommended that the four Ontario SM.s meet in the form of an Ontario Council to coordinate activities at the provincial level, selecting from amongst themselves a Chairman.

The provincial council will be responsible for the Field Organization administrative functions that sensibly belong at the provincial level, and will appoint appropriately qualified Amateurs to represent the Council to provincial government authorities, non-government organizations (NGO) and external agencies, within the authority vested in the Field Organization.

The Commission recommended that initially the new Section Managers be appointed by the VPFS from qualified persons recommended by the membership. The SM terms would be staggered so that two are elected each odd year and the other two in even years. (Each SM term of office is two years.) The formal Commission Report is available at the RAC website at http://www.rac.ca/en/rac/public-service/field-org-review/files/120122%20Ont%20Restructure%20Report.pdf.

The RAC Board of Directors approved the Commission's report and recommendations on 26 January, 2012. A consultation process with the Ontario clubs will be initiated immediately for the purpose of soliciting nominations for the interim Section Manager appointments. All Ontario Amateurs are encouraged to contribute to this consultation through their local clubs. If that is not possible, Amateurs may forward their nomination to CFSO (VO1DTM at RAC dot CA). Please recognize that under the Constitution of Radio Amateurs du/of Canada a requirement for appointment/election is that the candidate be a RAC member in good standing.

Geoff Bawden VE4BAW


Bill Unger VE3XT

Director Ontario North/East

Jeffery Stewart VA3WXM

Director Ontario South

Doug Mercer VO1DTM

Chief Field Services Officer


Vernon Ikeda – VE2MBS/VE2QQ

Pointe-Claire, Québec

RAC Blog Editor/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor

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