Special Callsign GB100MGY

Special Callsign GB100MGY


Good afternoon,

We have obtained and will be operating GB100MGY callsign on all amateur bands from FORT PERCH ROCK MARINE RADIO MUSEUM NEW BRIGHTON WIRRAL U.K. Dates from 6th April until 26th April on CW and SSB.

We also have special permission to use above callsign on the 501khz-504khz band from the 12th April until 18th April and will be transmitting on 502khz cw and for those people without a 500khz band licence a crossband qso on 3566 khz or 7066khz as propagation conditions permits.

This event is to mark the 100th anniversary of the TITANIC disaster in 1912. We are also having a special overnight operation on 14th/15th April the date Titanic was sunk, this will be concentrated mainly on the 502khz as it was the 500khz band where the Titanic made her CQD and later on the SOS distress calls/messages.

We are hoping for a POND HOP to East coast area of Canada on the 502khz band with suitable conditions at that time. Please ask your amateur radio friends in Canada to listen out for us and include our callsign in your news bulletins.

Many thanks and 73 de John Hudson M0CMW

P.S.: our websites are:- http://www.fortperchrockmarineradiomuseum.co.uk and also for this event is http://www.gb100mgy-fortperchrock.co.uk.


Vernon Ikeda – VE2MBS/VE2QQ

Pointe-Claire, Québec

RAC Blog Editor/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor

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