BC Hams urge gov’t to exclude ham radio

Congratulations to Marilyn Sergi, VE7OSS and Mario Sergi, VA7WOP whose letter to the editor of The Langley Times was published in the Aug. 18th edition of the newspaper.

The letter made a strong case for the granting of an exemption to the proposed B.C. legislation to limit the use of cell phones for texting while driving.

Amateurs in Ontario would be well advised to do the same and we’d recommend taking the same tact as VE7OSS and VA7WOP. Very nicely done.

When you’ve written to your local newspaper, send a copy of the letter to your local MPP and to Ontario Transport Minister Bradley.

And do it today !!

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  • I think that that Bob Cooke should send a form letter to all the major Newspapers in Ontario to draw attention to this matter.Amateurs do help when possible and exempting the use of thier radio equipment while mobile would be a major step forward for Hams all over Canada.There are bluetooth devices available for ham radios so they can be used hands free.

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