RAC Bulletin 2012-049E – Non-Amateur Use of Frequency in BC

RAC Bulletin 2012-049E – Non-Amateur Use of Frequency in BC


From August 5th to 12th, the Canadian Paragliding National Championships were held in Pemberton, BC. The Radio Amateurs of Canada became extremely concerned about the organizers assertion that all participants must use a VHF radio tuned to 146.415 Mhz. This frequency is inside the two meter amateur allocation. Amateur operators are the primary user of this band and incursion by non-authorized users is of great concern.

RAC has been in contact with representatives from the Paragliding community and has also requested enforcement action to be taken by Industry Canada. The Radio Amateurs of Canada does not generally discuss enforcement while an investigation in ongoing. However, given the scope of concern over this matter it is appropriate to release details of actions to date.

Industry Canada has advised this morning that their British Columbia office has notified the group that use of Amateur Radio Frequencies by persons who are not in possession of a valid Amateur Radio Operator's Certificate is not permitted. The group has assured Industry Canada that all participants who used the channel were indeed holders of a certificate. A notice indicating the requirement to hold an operators certificate has been added to the website of the group.

Additionally, Industry Canada has advised the group of a VHF frequency inside the Aeronautical Radio Frequency Band that has been allocated for their use on a Canada Wide basis.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada has prioritized protection of Amateur Radio Frequencies from incursion. If you suspect incursion on an Amateur Band or are aware of the illegal operation of Amateur Radio products by individuals or companies that do not hold operators certificates, contact the Radio Amateurs of Canada to report your concerns.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada is the national voice of Amateur Radio Operators in Canada. Our members enjoy numerous benefits including access to The Canadian Amateur publication. We extend frequency protection work to members and non-members alike to ensure the future of our hobby and emergency service work.

Bill Gade, VE4WO

Regulatory Affairs Officer


Vernon Ikeda – VE2MBS/VE2QQ

Pointe-Claire, Québec

RAC Blog Editor/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor

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