Rumours flying around Bill 118

There’s an email being circulated that suggests the “rules of the road” have been decided in regards to Bill 118 the anti-distracted driving Bill due to come into effect soon in Ontario.

Nothing could be further from the facts.

Right now, we are still awaiting a public announcement by Ontario’s Transport Minister Jim Bradley on Bill 118 and how it will be applied to those who use two-way radio equipment in their moving vehicles.

Best thing anyone concerned about Bill 118 can do right now is call or visit their local MPP and express their concern about how the Bill might negatively impact the wonderful community service offered by amateur radio operators every week in communities across Ontario.

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  • Based upon email I have seen and a couple of conversations I have overheard recently on the Amateur bands, wild rumours are flying around concerning the Ontario Bill C118 and the use of Amateur Radio in motor vehicles. Some of the comments being made would be laughable if it were not for the fact they are being believed despite being ridiculous on their face.

    I urge every Ontario Radio Amateur to not believe everything they hear but instead seek out factual information, an excellent source of which is right here, the RAC Blog, edited by RAC’s Vice President for Public Relations, Peter West, VE3HG.

    Peter has been leading the RAC effort, on behalf of every Amateur in the province, since the matter of possible restrictions for Amateur Radio operation first came to light. His efforts have included emails, letters and face to face meetings with MTO officials.

    The RAC, by way of Peter, has been tireless, contrary to what you may have been told by some. Regardless of the outcome, we all owe Peter a huge vote of thanks.

    The sky isn’t falling, at least not yet. So I encourage everyone to stop listening to Chicken Little or, worse, mimicking the title character of that children’s story, and instead look to the RAC and to VPPR West for the truth.

    And, if you are not a RAC member, please consider becoming one so that the RAC can continue to defend Amateur Radio against attacks such as those potentially included in the Ontario cell phone Bill.

    Thank you.

    Bob Cooke
    President, Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.
    “We’re ALL about Amateur Radio!”
    “Tous ensemble pour la radioamateur!”

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