CANWARN – Ham Radio Volunteers Supply Critical Info

Following the August 2oth tornados that swept through Ontario, ham radio volunteers provided Environment Canada with critical on-the-ground confirmations of the severe weather conditions that took one life and caused extensive property damage to communities north of Toronto.

According to Geoff Coulson, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment Canada, amateur radio operators from the affected areas along with other volunteers were on the job during the day supplying Environment Canada with much needed visual confirmations of the tornadoes.

In response to an email from Radio Amateurs of Canada, Geoff reports as follows:

“The Weather Centre did indeed receive numerous real-time, on-the-ground reports from our CANWARN volunteer spotters during this very active and significant weather day. Both hams and non-hams in the affected areas were sending in observations to the Weather Centre providing the forecasters invaluable information of the conditions in their particular areas.”

All those amateur radio participants are to be commended for their service to their communities and to the province of Ontario.

For more information on the CANWARN system and how to volunteer please follow the link provided.

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  • The Canwarn link supplied goes to a website that hasn’t been updated in 10 years. Many of the links are dead.

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