Hidden antennas and missing radios

Thanks to Mike Walker, VA3MW, here’s a fun link to W9OY’s software defined radio (SDR) site. Not only has W9OY traded in his “real” radio with a computer-based software radio, he’s gone and hidden his 45-foot vertical too. This is a very clever idea of using a remote auto tuner at the base of his wire vertical which hangs down from the top of a pine tree on his lot. This setup is almost invisible. Anybody who has a tree that can handle a piece of wire at least 20 feet long could be on the air with an antenna capable of limited multi-band operation and the ability to work DX (that is whenever the sunspots return). The longer the vertical element the better.

And read up about the SDR concept. Mike says he’s experimenting with a new Flex 3000. Is there an SDR system in your future?

Here’s a link to the SDR Forum for more info.

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