British Columbia QSO Party 2013

British Columbia QSO Party 2013


Rebecca VA7BEC here. I'm contest coordinator at Orca DXCC and have the task of promoting the British Columbia QSO Party The 2013 event is just a month away.

Date/Time: 1600z Feb 2 to 0400z Feb 3.

Objective: BC stations can contact anyone anywhere, while stations outside BC must catch the attention of BC stations.

Other details, including rules, exchange and multipliers, can be accessed from the BCQP homepage on the Orca DXCC website. Visit

If anyone is interested in how the 2012 event played out and hasn't read the report, it's here:

BCQP 2012 was the first under Orca DXCC sponsorship and was, by all accounts, a tremendous success. The most encouraging indicator of progress, to me, was that the number of VE7/VA7s on the air tripled year-on year, to more than 120 and more electoral districts were activated, 26 of 36. With more BC operators on the air and a deeper reservoir of multipliers to tap, along with a QSO boost from same-day QSO party activity in the US, more BC stations stayed on the air longer, which gave non-BC stations more opportunities for QSOs. BCQP 2012 was well attended and post-QP comments were very positive so we can assume that the 2013 event will be an active 12 hours as well. Contesting is not for everyone, but the casual and friendly atmosphere of the BCQP presents merits for contester and non-contester alike.

- The slower pace allows newcomers to ease into the world of contesting and try out strategies without irritating operators who are only interested in a high score. Great practice for Field Day or a RAC contest.

- It's a chance to practice different modes without the pressure of an impatient pileup and to acquire familiarity with new logging software or remote operations.

- It's an excellent opportunity to hone operating and elmering skills. Whether amateur radio is used for emergency purposes, for ragchewing or for radiosport, it will not survive if we don't practice our skills and share our knowledge.

In addition to the fun factor and the learning/elmering opportunities, the BCQP offers tangible rewards: one-of-a-kind certificates — different design every year — and nice Orca trinkets for top scores. We have also introduced a plaque program, effective from the 2013 event, and have sponsors for four plaques:

Top BC Score, Top Score in Canada outside BC, Top YL Score and Most Federal Electoral Districts Worked.

A(nother) whale of a good time awaits!


Rebecca Kimoto, VA7BEC

Contest Coordinator for BCQP



Vernon Ikeda – VE2MBS/VE2QQ

Pointe-Claire, Québec

RAC Blog Editor/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor

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