Upcoming events – March 19, 2013

Upcoming events – March 19, 2013



The organisers of 2O12L, the most successful special event station of all time and celebrating the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Summer of 2012 have now released a 45 minute DVD of the event. Produced by team member Fred Curtis/G3SVK, the DVD goes behind the scenes of the event, telling the story of how those 69,644 QSOs were made possible. Details can be found at their web-site http://www.2o12l.com under the "News" link.

John Warburton, G4IRN for 2012L.


Dx-pedition to Isle of Mull (EU-008)

Steve Thomas, M1ACB and other members Camb-Ham group will be operating GS3PYE/P from the Isle of Mull (EU-008) on 10-16 May 2013 They will be operating from 2 metres to 160 metres as well as a station on 472 khz. More information can be found at http://www.camb-hams.com

(via Steve Thomas, M1ACB)


2013 Repeater Conference – Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Calgary Amateur Radio Association will be holding a repeater conference on April 20, 2013. For more information, see http://cara.memberlodge.com/Default.aspx?pageId=1531545.

(via Peter LaGrandeur, VA6RPL)


The RAC Events Database can be found at: http://rac.eton.ca/events/upcoming.php


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