IARU Bulletin 2013-05-29

IARU Bulletin 2013-05-29


Source: IARU Electronic Newsletter 29 May 2013 #1321

In a recent teleconference, the IARU Administrative Council authorized the distribution of a paper which sets forth the IARU positions on the agenda items that will be considered during the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2015. The agenda items that impact amateur radio and amateur-satellite services including the IARU position on each of those agenda items are set out below:

This is a summary of IARU agenda items on the upcoming WRC-15 conference

  • Agenda Item 1.1 – "to consider additional spectrum allocations to the mobile service on a primary basis and identification of additional frequency bands for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) and related regulatory provisions, to facilitate the development of terrestrial mobile broadband applications, in accordance with Resolution 233 (WRC-12)"
  • Agenda Item 1.4 – "to consider possible new allocation to the amateur service on a secondary basis within the band 5 250 – 5 450 kHz in accordance with Resolution 649 (WRC-12)"
  • Agenda Item 1.6.1 – "(to consider possible additional primary allocations) to the fixed-satellite service (Earth-to space and space-to-Earth) of 250 MHz in the range between 10 GHz and 17 GHz in Region 1"
  • Agenda Item 1.10 – "to consider spectrum requirements and possible additional spectrum allocations for the mobile-satellite service in the Earth-to-space and space-to-Earth directions, including the satellite component for broadband applications, including International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT), within the frequency range from 22 GHz to 26 GHz, in accordance with Resolution 234 (WRC-12)"
  • Agenda Item 1.12 – "to consider an extension of the current worldwide allocation to the Earth exploration-satellite (active) service in the frequency band 9 300 – 9 900 MHz by up to 600 MHz with the frequency bands 8 700 – 9 300 MHz and/or 9 900 – 10 500 MHz, in accordance with Resolution 652 (WRC-12)"
  • Agenda Item 1.18 – "to consider a primary allocation to the radiolocation service for automotive applications in the 77.5 – 78.0 GHz frequency band in accordance with Resolution 654 (WRC-12)" and
  • Agenda Item 8 – "to consider and take appropriate action on requests from administrations to delete their country footnotes or to have their country name deleted from footnotes, if no longer required, taking into account Resolution 26 (Rev.WRC-07)"
  • Agenda Item 9.1.8 – Regulatory aspects for nanosatellites and picosatellites (Resolution 757 (WRC-12)) – Resolution 757 calls for the results of studies of the procedures for notifying space networks that presently apply to nanosatellites and picosatellites to be reported to WRC-15. Because of the possible implications of these studies for the amateur and amateur-satellite services, the IARU is following the progress of these studies attentively. Nanosatellites and picosatellites that are properly licensed in the amateur-satellite service and are operated consistent with the purposes of the amateur and amateur-satellite services as defined in Nos. 1.56 and 1.57 may utilize the provisions of Resolution 642.


All IARU member-societies are encouraged to meet with their telecommunication authorities to discuss the WRC-15 Agenda Items and to gain support from their telecom authorities for the IARU positions.

[Via Goerge Gorsline, VE3YV – International Affairs Officer/IARU Liason]


Vernon Ikeda – VE2MBS/VE2QQ

Pointe-Claire, Québec

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